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Does anybody else think that, at times, guitar hero is tougher than real guitar?

Asked by pplufthesun (596points) April 12th, 2008

Does anybody else think that, at times, guitar hero is tougher than real guitar? I’ve been playing real guitar for five years and at times, I really have difficultly with guitar hero, even if it is only hard.

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I think that some Guitar Hero songs, on expert, are much harder than playing them on their real guitar. Like “Through the Fire and the Flames, very difficult song on Guitar Hero, but in real life I know dozens of people that have been playing for 2 years and can play it perfect.

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bulbatron: holllly cow! he’s like “this is a cinch, let me sing along and chew my gum”

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I have a problem of wanting to play notes that I know are there in the real song, but don’t show up in the game.

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I don’t know both confuse me, I play the keys, but it’s fun watching my friends spaz out for a video game.

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I agree with peedub. It’s more entertaining to kick back and watch other people try to play.

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Especially when you have some grown-ass men sitting there going crazy on what looks like a Fischer-Price toy guitar!

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questions like this is exactly why I don’t play “guitar hero” or “rock band”.

It’s just “dance dance revolution” for the fingers.

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