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Is this a problem with my washing machine, or should I look for another cause?

Asked by MissAusten (16127points) January 22nd, 2011

Yesterday I went down to our unfinished basement to start a load of laundry. There was a huge puddle on the floor, but no obvious sign of where the water had come from. I thought it might have seeped into the basement from melting snow, but then I noticed two or three inches of water in the washing machine. The machine hadn’t been turned on in a couple of days, and I know the water wasn’t there when I last removed wet clothes from it.

So, can a washing machine partially fill with water and leak when it isn’t turned on or running? Sometimes it does leak a bit when I run it. Or, should I be looking for another source?

Just to add to the confusion, I did a couple of loads of laundry yesterday with no further leakage.

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Some washing machines are like old cars. anything can happen and it usually does to both.

First, have you checked to make sure the fittings are all tight at the water connection with the hoses? sometimes, water can leak from this point. and, since water travels to the lowest level, it could have landed in your washing machine tub. Second, the cutoff switch at the top of your clothes washer, may be faulty and not shutting the water completely off. just a thought… your water heater anywhere near your clothes washer? if so, check the water heater for a leak. like i said, water travels to the lowest level. a word of caution: have a qualified electrician check your water heater. electricity and water do not mix and can electrocute you. and, until your leakage problem is resolved, be sure to turn off the water, connected to your washing machine, each time you leave your house. if a water hose is the problem, it could burst completely and flood your house. it happened here. good luck.

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I will add something to @john65pennington ‘s answer.
Some washers have a rubber trap that catches large items like coins or rocks befreo they get into the pump. It is usually located near the pump that lifts the water into the basin. The rubber gets old and cracked. You might have something that is prying a crack open. Check your manual to find the location. It is usually near the front and is readily visible when you remove the lower panel.

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Have you checked out the filters? They may need cleaning out.

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It’s crying because the basement is unfinished!

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