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What is the best way to cook fresh carrots?

Asked by KFitz (5points) January 22nd, 2011

I want to cook fresh carrots so that they are firm and soft.

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Steam them. Actually if you put them in a microwave safe casserole type dish with a lid add a couple tablespoons of water, it’s best way for them to keep their nutritional value. You have to keep it covered, I would do it in 5 min increments until they are the texture you want.

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I like them steamed also.

Alternatively, you can boil them in a little water.

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I love oven roasted veg. It’s my favourite method of cooking when it comes to veggies – that and steaming.

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You can cut them up into sticks and “stir fry” them in a little bit of olive oil with maybe a little bit of chopped garlic until they are just crisp tender.

Or check out this recipe for stir fried carrots with cranberry juice, orange juice and balsamic vinegar!

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My favourite way with baby carrots is to steam them. With big ones I cut them into sticks and stir fry them. My partner likes them roasted in the oven.

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Another vote for steamed

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Steam or boil. Boston Market used to have carrots with tarragon. They had a little butter and the tarragon just gave them a nice, interesting flavor.

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Tiny bit of water in the bottom of the sauce pan with the carrots thinly sliced. Cook, drain and smother with good quality butter, and a little honey if you wish. Mmmmmmm..
And roast is king if you have the time, all caramel yum yum carrots.

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I boil them and add a bit of lemon juice to the water. The lemon juice adds and interesting flavour.

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I’m a roaster. Also, I sometimes Julianne them and put them in a frying pan with some sugar, soy sauce and water. These I’ll usually add to sushi rolls or rice with fresh cucumbers and a fried egg (I may be a little crazy).

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Julianne or cut in rounds, sautee for just a few minutes with some salt and the littlest bit of garlic. I like to add zuchinni also with the carrots, but start the carrots one minute before the zuchini, because the carrots take longer to cook.

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I prefer to steam them, and then saute them in a little “heart smart” butter.

I find that oven roasting them makes them wrinkly and not as sweet.

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