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Traditionally, which night of a rock concert would be better?

Asked by andrew (16380points) April 12th, 2008

The first night (like an opening night of a play), or the second night? Do they blow out the first night or build up momentum?

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My vote is definitely for the last night.
However, this could have a lot to do with which artists are performing. If it’s a Stones concert, today, I’m sure it doesn’t matter.
If it happens to be someone up and coming and still very excited about their music, the last night is more exciting and unpredictable.

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If it’s a half decent live act they’ll be good all nights, but will be fantastic on the last night because they’ll be used to the set and not jet-lagged…....and, again if half decent live performers, they’ll do a ‘grand finale’ style performance

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I agree with the two above!

Andrew, watch out for The Water Polo team, I hear they love to cause a ruckus!


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you could make the arguement that depending on booking the first night will be better. For example I saw pearl jam two nights in a row. Same seats and all. The difference was the second show was announced a month later cause the first show sold out right away and the second was either a way to make all happy or to cash in. Thats your choice. The first show was all the fans who waited in line to get to the show. The second was more casual fans. To me the fans an make or break a show.

Another side is the last night of the tour is always an experience. The band is usually looking to go out happy. Mush less stress as well.

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for Radiohead both nights are equally awesome…scored mine this A.M., but decided not to be greedy and going 1st night only at H’wd Bowl 8/24!

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