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Can you help me identify this song?

Asked by Adagio (14040points) January 22nd, 2011

I’ve just been watching the introductory episode to Six Feet Under… there is a scene where Nate sees his dead father getting on to a bus, I would love to know the name of the song and musician/s concerned… one line says “waiting at the station”, it is a male voice I do not recognise… can anyone help?

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It certainly does @Austinlad, what a handy little website, thank you : ^) I’ve never heard of the Devlins

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So I guess my next question is:

Where can I buy and download a copy of The Devlins Waiting, legally i.e. pay for it ? It would seem the NZ-based site I normally use does not have anything by The Devlins.

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Good news! The album called “Waiting” by the Devlins is definitely available on iTunes. Probably on, too.

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@Austinlad to the rescue again, so again thank you… I’m just going to listen to Waiting on Youtube, oh the joys of modern day technology : ^)

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Happy I could help!!!

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