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Who here can reach the "+" key without actually looking at it?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33025points) January 22nd, 2011

As a follow-up to this question, I’m curious who among us is adept at the keyboard enough to reach the plus sign without resorting to looking?



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I can, it’s just painful to do it.

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I’ve got somewhere over 100 WPM. For most symbols, I don’t have to look.
But I’ll be surprised on the day that I hit + on the first try. Seems like my fingers have an affinity to put in an underscore every time instead.

So.. Not I. :(

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Not me. I hardly ever use it, so when I need to, I have to look to be sure I get it right (or I end up being wrong and having to fix the mistake). I usually end up reaching _ instead of the +.

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Seriously, I have no problem. It was a ‘must do’ in my typing class back in the ‘60’s.
+ + + + + see!

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I should add: I have small hands. Even for a girl, they’re on the smaller side. I’ve purchased a keyboard for work that’s slightly smaller than the average keyboard to help cut down on the pain (the job I used it for used a program that utilized a lot of the less common characters and more uncomfortable key combos).

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I’ve blacked it out on all of my keyboards…

…too many…bad…memories…

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I can do it, easily. I probably learned to type on the same typewriters that @AmWiser did. Except in the 80s. Also, +++ used to be the command to take control of a Hayes compatible modem when it was connected and I had to do that a lot.

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I can reach the key easily and I did know where it was. I learned to touch type more years ago than I care to remember. However, with today’s technology, such as my smartphone, I can’t find the keys on the keyboard of my phone without looking. My brain knows where they are when I am typing on a laptop or something, but if I have to consciously find the right keys for specific letters, I can’t. I couldn’t tell you which rows most keys on my keyboard are on, but obviously my brain knows because I type all the time.


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I read this question and thought, “Pffft… I can totally do that without looking.” The first time, I looked involuntarily. “Okay,” I thought, “that’s just from habit. Do it again.” I worried that having just looked might give me an advantage, so I decided to discount my next attempt. Turns out, however, that I hit ”}” instead. Then I hit “_” and finally ”=” (having somehow forgotten to hold down “shift”).

I finally did manage to get ”+” on my fourth try, and now I’m getting pretty good at it.


(Practice makes perfect.)

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I can hit the key without looking, but I always forget which one I need to hold the shift key for.

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Not me. } is what I got first. That said, I missed the whole week of school when we were learning the top row in my typing class. Never did get it down pat.

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I can’t reach any keys without looking. :/

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I can. It’s easier for me because I never learned how to type with ‘home row’ or whatever. I just move my hands and fingers wherever.

What I have a problem with, always, for some reason: brackets and parentheses.

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Here’s my first attempt. <— I hit the backspace key on that one.

Again:+ _ Whoops, I couldn’t do it twice consecutively.

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Ok .. my turn. Here goes… p 0 – p – = Rats! I forgot to hit shift _ + Got it!
and and Oh please. I can type “and” at least 5x faster and and and…
No comparison.

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Hit it without looking? I heard to search for awhile to find it at all for one silly post in the other thread. And again I say, Damn. I’m old.

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@JilltheTooth Like fine wine, my dear…fine wine.
(Or cheese)

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I can. Not with 100% accuracy, though. That’s one that always trips me up, although I do type 120WPM, I miss the + frequently. (Got it that time without any trouble, though. ha.)

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@TheOnlyNeffie 120 WPM ?!?! Oh my! I’m getting shivers here. Brains and speed!
Yep. Just another example of why you are the only Neffie.

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@worriedguy I used to do medical transcription, and I also learned how to type when I was 7, so it is like second nature at this point. My husband always says the sound of the keyboard when I’m sitting at the computer makes me crazy. :)

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I can. I have to input equations everyday so the muscle memory is there.

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@TheOnlyNeffie Awesome! I’ll remember that if I need a report done.

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I did it! I guess I’m just used to Command + ing all the time.

But Type To Learn was never a strong suit of mine.

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