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If you didn't have to work for a living, and you had lots of money, what would you do with your time?

Asked by jca (36043points) January 22nd, 2011

“If I were a rich man (or woman)” – If you had lots of money and did not have to spend your time working, what would you do instead? You could afford to do whatever you want. What will you do? Travel? Do crafts? Exercise? Volunteer your time for a cause? Spend time with your family? Shop? Go to lunch? Play on the internet all day? What?

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I would love to travel.
I would love to give money to people, anonymously.
Otherwise,I am quite happy with my life. I wish everyone had my joy.

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Go online, choose whatever car I wanted, buy it, and drive it.

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Smoke weed, eat pancakes and watch cartoons all day. And travel!!!!

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Travel. I’d travel to as many places around the world as possible and keep an extensive photo log. ;)

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Fluther, fluther, fluther.

Oh, and I would volunteer at my local library’s literacy center, and I would act in community theater.

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I would continue working because I love what I do. I’d finish my screenplay, fund and shoot the project, develop a film production company, write and fund other projects and in my free time I would travel, shop, spend a lot of time with the people I love – make good investments toward their happiness, start reading a lot more, begin new hobbies like photography and expand on my spatula collection.

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I WOULD DO WHATEVER MY HEART DESIRES! I know that’s vague, but there is so much to do and see in this world, and I have a feeling I would desire to do something different everyday.

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Do the same thing I do now, only quicker and more efficiently.

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I would open a Marina where it would have a fully loaded work shop for restoration of old boats and muscle cars. And it would also have a camp there for special needs kids and teach them to fish, swim, arts, crafts and just camp for fun. Cruiser would be a busy boy!

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I would get 8 hours of sleep each night and create a daily routine (something that my work will not allow me to have). Exercise 2 hours a day, practice my flugelhorn one to two hours a day, paint pictures, goof off an hour or two (Hang out with my wife, read, listen music, watch TV, etc) and do chores around the house. Fo me it doesn’t get any better than that.

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Have lots of babies and have fun with them. Lol.

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Id have a rather large yacht and a serious cocaine habit. Id also run a bunch of businesses less profit oriented, with a cooperative structure giving better pay and benefits to the workers.

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I would travel to a lot of third world countries like India and Tibet. I would try to help them out while learning as much about their culture as I possibly could because I am absolutely fascinated by it! I would then buy whatever I wanted for myself and my loved ones, do whatever I wanted and meet whomever I desired (that would meet me of course) i.e. Brandon Boyd and Johnny Depp :D

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I would travel around the world, then come back home and open a recording studio.

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open a bicycle shop that taught kids how to fix bikes and gave them to kids that couldn’t afford them.

and take time to exercise a lot.

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I used to vow that if I ever had money, I would open a store next door to stores that cheated me, and drive them out of business.

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Do more in my community… travel much more… write and write and write some more… take lots of photographs… get back into drawing and painting… learn to play guitar so that I don’t horrify my musically talented kids…cook more lovely dishes for my family…beat the possums to the vegies in the garden…

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I’d open a coffee shop, hang out and talk to people, sell my baked goods.

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I’d go back to school and really push my brain to the limits. I miss the challenge of grasping new ideas and learning new skills. Right now I’m working like 60 hours a week; I spend one day a week helping my elderly relatives with chores, doctor appointments, and errands, and the last day just crashing in total exhaustion. If I were in school now, I’d be able to take like one credit a semester.

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Buy lots of land, start a commune, live the rest of my days hunting, fishing, gardening, reading books, and playing games.

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Nothing. I’d do absolutely nothing.
There’s one thing that I really, really, really want to do.
I want to study with Taoist monks in a monastery.

Other than that, I want to continue going to school, and then just rot my brain on computer games and movies.

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I would attend lectures all day long, I’d steer numerous organizations, volunteer, peer educate, raise my children, etc.

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I would start my own bookstore and private school…I would watch science shows on television and I would do research.

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I already don’t have to work for a living, but my husband does. I sleep as late as I want and do my daily tasks whenever I want, and go to bed whenever I want. If Hubby didn’t have to work either, we would probably live our lives differently.

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I’ve had this, but not exactly the level of control the scenario implies. Despite lax material constraints, one’s level of control has a directly proportional relationship to the fulfillment of ideals. It can also be potentially isolating because you have less need to rely on mutual benefit mechanisms in relationships.

That being said, I’d through-hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

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Cry. Money can’t buy you friends.

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I’d invested most of it towards my parents and my siblings education.
I’d join a military branch and try to earn my way to being an officer or detective.
I’d choose to work only on the weekends.
I’d do charities and create jobs for people on parole and help them create a better life for themselves.
I’d also spend my free time reading books and knitting hats and doodling and listening to music.
I’d smoke a lot of hookah.
Build a collection of good tasting wine.
I would never spend my money on things I do not need like an expensive car or t.v.

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Step 1. Move West. (to a shitty one bedroom apartment with broken AC, tiny fridge & loud neighbors)
Step 2. Continue to write. (deep pockets will prevent the suits from making ‘marketable’ changes)
Step 2.5 ‘I wanna fuck a bloke.’
Step 3. Buy long haired dachshund. (name him Yoshi)
Step 4. Die. (some years from now, collapsed onto my keyboard with, FADE OUT, as my last words)

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@rpm_pseud0name, I have a long haired cat named Yoshi.

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1) Do a degree, probably in fine art
2) Do more art and writing
3) Travel

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My boyfriend and I would spend a lot of time travelling and in between trips I would spend my time volunteering at an animal shelter. I’d be very happy if I could spend my days with dogs and not worry about money.

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1) Buy a few houses rent them out, plus rent out a room of the house I live in
2) Learn economics and start to invest a small part of my money but nothing too much that if there was another crash I’d loose a large chunk of it
3) Do what I do anyway but with more money to buy books and programs, etc and learn more about maths, physics, philosophy, politics, logic, etc, even work on answers to some of those problems
4) Give my money family to help them selves, but not just give them money, for example I’d give them money to go to Uni or set up a business but not just to have some money for holiday.
5)Give my mum a house
6) Give time I maybe willing to try and become a local MP

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I’d help some friends of mine get their farm going. They work so hard and deserve to be successful.

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Oh, the things I would do!
1. Be a professional student, buying my way into prestigious universities and studying useless subjects.
2. Record a song and buy so many copies I get into the charts.
3. Build a several schools and water wells where they are needed, and save lots of rainforest land.
4. Become a theatre producer, giving opportunities to quality original shows.
5. And if a superhero with a name taken from Greek mythology suddenly emerges to save the world from apostrophe abuse and people who smoke in no-smoking areas, it’s definitely not me.

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I would buy a house in the country with lots of land, then open up an animal charity – primarily for horses and dogs.

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First, I’d help out my family financially so that my grandparents could stay in their home instead of having to go to a nursing home. When I was sure that I had done everything I could for my family I would then volunteer. I’d start small, practically in my own backyard and slowly make my way, first, around the United States (where I live) and then I would move on to bigger projects traveling all over the world. I would donate all my time and wealth. On the side, between traveling back and forth between locations I would hope to complete a degree or two as well as also publishing a book.

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I would grab the family and travel the world. In between travelling I would volunteer for the local homeless shelters and food banks.

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I would build a huge concrete skatepark for the kids in my hometown. I would also build an indoor skatepark that is climate controlled so I could skate as much as I wanted when I wanted. When I am not skating I am out in one of my several boats fishing all over the world. I would take up surfing too.

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Travel with my sweetie and friends, sail, learn to pilot planes & helicopters.

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Travel, take care of my parents monetarily, “test” various strains of marijuana, donate to charities (especially those who help give people clean water), adopt some more cats, get lipo, have a lavish wedding and honeymoon, take art classes, take voice lessons…

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Go to college.

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@noelleptc Plastic surgery? May I ask why?

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payback student loans

box,at least for a while without having to focus on other things as a means of getting by/ making ends meet. diet maintanance, roadwork,interval training, and boxing is all very time consuming…..

Make my parents leave their jobs where they’re under appreciated.


help people….

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