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What are you doing on Fluther after 11 P.M. (EST)

Asked by AmWiser (14947points) January 22nd, 2011

Oh sleepy head me, I usually log off Fluther between 11 and Mid Night (E.S.T.) and log back on between 8–9 A.M. Then I notice that there aren’t that many questions asked after Midnight. Why? Where is everybody? Whose here after Midnight and what are you doing? Reading, lurking, chatting…..etc.?
Just wondering.

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I’m here, but just checking one last time before heading to bed. It’s 10:34pm here right now.

Nighty night Fluther!

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5.30 pm here. Whats for dinner?

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@Seaofclouds lol! I’m tearing myself away too. Got things to do tomorrow. Good rest to all.

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@Arbornaut : What day?

I’m here, because it’s only 6:40 Hawaii time, but I’m trying to figure out what to do with my suddenly child-free evening and night…

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Procrastinating, of course.

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@hawaii_jake I believe it is sunday evening? yeah..

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11:53 PM EST, here. I’m working and answering your question. :)

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Living on PST is what I’m doing up at 11pm EST.
I generally go to bed around 1 or 2am local time. So when it’s 11pm for me, I’m generally watching a movie or playing a computer game in between Fluthering, since most internet sites have died down by then.

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It’s past midnight here and I’m looking through possible dissertation sponsors for my PhD study if I get accepted, :). Watching Friends, should go to sleep soon.

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It’s 4:35 on a Sunday afternoon here, I’m just practising doing handstands against my bedroom wall until it’s time to go out to a work dinner.

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Now it’s 12:39 AM, and I’m wishing I could do handstands. :/

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10:47 pm I’m here for 10 minutes

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There is nothing different about being on Fluther at (xxx) time of the day. Answer questions, reply to comments. That is all there is.

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It’s 3:01 AM CST. Woke up at 2:40 AM for my usual middle-of-the-night bathroom trip (Hey, you asked!) and midnight snack (yay chocolate cake!). Normally I check stuff on my iPhone after I’ve returned to bed until I feel sleepy enough to fall back to dreamland.

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Got up at 2:30am, it’s 3:08am now. Coffee pot is on and I’m looking Clutch videos on Youtube. Thought I’d stop here and see what was up.

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4:08 in my neck of the woods now. I’ve been up since 11 am.

I should go to bed, I guess.

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6:50 AM, here now. Still haven’t slept. Soon, I hope!

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Settling down after work, preparing for the next day, watching some shows with my partner. If my insomnia is kicking around then I log in.

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This is my last night working the night shift (I hope) for at least a while. I’ve been doing this on weekends for months. I’m doing whatever I can to keep from getting bored enough to pass out.

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