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Best Black Coffee?

Asked by leogirly4life (86points) January 23rd, 2011

I love coffee. I am a coffee nut. I am always looking for new flavors & brands of delicious coffees. I was just wondering what everyone else likes or recommends? So far, my favorite is Chock Full O Nuts :)

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I love Cafe Verona beans from Starbucks and also Peet’s Coffee.

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If you truly love standard coffee(no frills), then locate a Kroger Store or one of its affiliate stores. walk down the coffee isle and look for the store brand of Colombian coffee. Wans name and photo has to be on the can, for it to be 100% Colombian coffee. the aroma is so inviting, that you cannot wait for the brewing to cease. it’s like a magnet. also, use only spring water in making of a pot. i have never used faucet water to make a cup of coffee. the chlorine takes away from the true taste of this fantastic coffee. let me know how you like it.

ChockFull Of Nuts is okay, but this coffee is much better. its a medium blend coffee, but just add more to make it stronger. great taste. let me know how you like it. john

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I am brewing Papa Nicholas right now. So far IMO, the best beans for the money.

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I find your claim to be unfounded lol

this is the best coffee I’ve ever had….though it’s a little pricey. But anything from Brazil, Bolivia, And Peru. and Tim Horton’s are good too.

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Bella Donovan blend from Blue Bottle Coffee in Oakland CA. if you want something stronger, Major Dickinson’s Blend from Peets.

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Thanks everyone for you suggestions! I am definitely going to try all of them this year! :) They are sound great!

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Scout out a local roaster

I like to think I am not terribly picky about food, but the best coffee I know, by a big margin, is from a little shop with its own roaster. Very expensive, but definitely worthwhile when I am feeling flush or entertaining.

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Santa’s White Christmas coffee is my favorite now.

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Blue Mountain Jamaica is great (but expensive and usually only available in pre-made “blends.” Many African coffees are good and are typically blended with arabica beans. I like Tanzanian Peaberry. I also love an Indian Monsooned Malabar (the beans are dried in the wind).

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Hawaiian—- Kona or Kauai, not blends but 100% of zone. Blends have coffee from who knows where and enough of the premium coffee to call it a “X-Blend”.

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Green Mountain. It’s fair trade, organic and yummy. Score!

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My editing time is up, but I’d like to add that I only buy their fair trade and organic blends… ^^^ They do make blends that don’t qualify as such. Always yummy.

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In my mind, nothing compares to Caribou Coffee’s Obsidian. Nothing.

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My husband loves Duncan Donuts coffee grounds. Walgreens has it in sale quite often for a very good price.

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So far, the best I’ve found in the New England are is the brand aptl named “New England Coffee Roasters”. If you dig flavors, they’re good for that, too.

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I have a 10 pound bag of Blue Mountain Coffee that I brought back from Jamaica. It’s worth a small fortune and I will not sell or use it. Then, why do I keep it?

Memories of those 10 wonderful days in beautiful Jamaica. Their coffee beans are grown and harvested right there on the island, along with just about all the food they eat.

If you have never had a cup of Blue Mountain Coffee, then it’s an experience that’s waiting for you. jp

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I only drink black coffee and the brand is called Elite. With or without cardamom, either boiled in a finjan, or just add water to it. You can order it online apparently – it’s such a global village now.


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