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How do I find a guy that likes me?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) January 23rd, 2011

Okay, so this is a funny story. There are alot of people in my school, in my grade, and my friends all have boyfriends. Or, have a guy that has a crush on them. Being silly, crazy, and overweight, I haven’t had that expirience. I may sound WAY too young to even think about it (13), but I feel kinda lonely, minus the fact that I have helpful and loving friends. But if your a girl my age, you would know how I feel. (I think)

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Girl or boy – we all know that 13 can feel lonely regardless of your social situation.

“It gets better” sounds trite…and it may not be the absolute truth so much as it gets easier…but the teenage years are kind of something you feel like you’re weathering more than you’re enjoying.

You can’t rush meeting a person that will make you feel the way you want to. It has to just happen.

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Try not to assign ‘wrong causes’ to things. It’s not that you don’t have a boyfriend because you’re ‘silly, crazy and overweight’ (assuming you really are all of those things). Lots of girls and women who are all of that and more have great relationships. You probably will, too. It’s a function of time, and meeting people, and being someone that people want to meet.

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got about starting a relationship (and it’s hard for even many adults to follow, so it may take time for you to get it and incorporate the advice yourself, if you even want to), is “be interested, not interesting”. In other words, don’t try to be ‘a character’ that people are interested in, but be interested yourself in other people. For one thing, it puts you in charge of more relationships rather than waiting for someone else to take an interest.

And yes, in my opinion, you are too young to be worrying much about ‘boyfriends’ anyway. Don’t rush things. You have a long life ahead of you, and right now, believe it or not, your education is far more important to anything you want to do later, and even to any good relationship you want to have later.

Good luck.

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Honey we’ve all been that age, and being “silly, crazy and overweight” myself (hey there is more of me to love) I promise you that one of these days, maybe not for a few years (you won’t believe me but it’s better that way) but one of these days you’ll turn a corner and you’ll see him, he’ll see you and you might even have a story to tell your own kids one day. In the meantime, enjoy every minute of being young, and don’t let yourself have the time to feel lonely. Fill every waking minute with fun stuff, and believe me, the time will pass in a heartbeat, and you might even meet your perfect guy through a club or hobby and then you’ll already have something in common. The teens years can truly suck (mine kinda did) but they DON’T have to. Fill yours with happy memories and fun times with your friends honey and some day, when you’re least expecting it, your dream guy will just appear, and if it takes a while, well he’ll be all the more special for it.
sending hugs xx

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I remember being thirteen (seeing as it was only three years ago), and yes, it can be rough sometimes. The main thing is to be true to yourself, be who you want to be, and not what you think someone else would like. Also, waiting for a relationship is not a bad thing either. Not at all. Make sure you fill your free time with activities, socializing with friends is a great thing. Also, try taking up an afterschool activity to meet new people, that does wonders. Don’t worry about not having a boyfriend, I know relationships seem glamorous and all, but letting it happen naturally is a good course. Best of luck!

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Realize that there are 13 year old boys who are in the exact same position as you.
See that quiet kid sitting near the front of the room? He is just as lonely as you.
Ask him about some homework.

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i know how you feel, im 14 and i went through the same thing.. you just have to be yourself, be healthy, and stay silly and crazy, thats who you are! the right guy will come !

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Don’t look! Just have fun, do what ever it is you like doing, and the right guy will see you for who you are and like you the way you are. It always worked for me, since I was in high school. It’s like this line from this movie “if you build it they will come”... If you build yourself and who you are, the boys will love you.

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