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How many times can I drink my own urine before I die?

Asked by russellsouza (518points) April 12th, 2008

I’ve heard that if you’re stranded without water, you can drink your own urine to survive. Is there a limit as to how long you can do this before toxicity sets in?

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Urine isn’t actually toxic…

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If you are stranded without access to water, you can drink your urine, but only for two circulations through your body.

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@danik0807, what happens if you circulate it more then two times threw your body

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Your body does use urine to get rid of toxins in the system. The concentration of the toxins re-entering your system will become too high for your body to handle. There are ways to distill your urine after it has circulated through your body twice.

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@danik0807: just ask the Mariner from Waterworld ! ;)

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Bear Gryles from Man vs. Wild points this out quite often.

He also has some great recipes for urine based dishes. j/k

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God, I think he SOO hot!

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I enjoy that show, having watched it once or twice, and because one of my best friends does exactly what he does and trains other people to do that (and to track animals)... but I can’t stand to watch it anymore having seen him eat a baby snake that looked just like my little pet Valentine.

(Though, I must agree, there’s something downright sexy about that man)

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Bear Grylls would destroy Wes Sroud any day of the week. I love how in the one of the piss drinking episodes he says afterward, ‘ugh, its definitely not my favorite.’

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has anyone HERE tried urine?

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I’ve tasted it. It’s not for me, especially on the morning.

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I was curious, not desperate. I wanted to see what all the hype was, why it’s such the thing to do these days.

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well, how did it taste?

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Just like Imagined, very asparagus-y.

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ew! that sounds not good at all, although i do like asparagus, ahhaha.

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One emperor drank a cup of pee every day.

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1 in the morning is the best

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