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How can I substitude frozen strawberries in syrup?

Asked by eidur (19points) January 24th, 2011

I’m following a recipe that calls for frozen strawberries in syrup but only have frozen strawberries with nothing added.
What can I do?

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Make a little sugar syrup with the juices of the strawberries after you thaw them.

Simmer some juice and a taste of sugar over a light flame while stirring.

Here’s a version with water; it is one to one.

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Okay, was thinking of that, but in what proportions?
Does anyone have an idea?

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The syrup used for this kind of thing is about ½ cup sugar to 1 cup water. Make that first by bringing it to a boil in a pan.

When the berries are thawed, add just enough of the syrup to bath them (about like cereal in milk), then bring to a brief simmer and allow to cool.

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I have done this before. I substituted Smuckers Strawberry Preserves and it came out great. The sugar is already in the preserves, so all you have to do is add enough to suit your pallet.

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