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What has been your favourite Disney movie thus far?

Asked by ucme (45355points) January 24th, 2011

Yeah, I just read that Tangled will be Disney’s 50th release. Starting way back…..& I do mean way back with Snow White & those pesky little dwarfs. So, a perfectly natural thought occurred to me, no it really did. That thought being stated in the form of a question as shown above. I mean we’re talking genuine good old fashioned Disney movies here. For the purposes of this here question, we are in a pixar free zone. My personal fave would be one of two, either 101 Dalmations or Jungle Book. Your turn…only if you really want to mind =0)

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I’ve not seen any of the classic 2D Disney animated pictures nor any of the live action films from the 60s-70s, just the ones they’ve done with Pixar, so I’ll have to go with a trifecta: Finding Nemo/The Incredibles/Toy Story 3 so I guess it’s Pirates of the Caribbean.

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The Little Mermaid
Finding Nemo
Pirates of the Carribean count as “a Disney movie” right?
and YES I loved Tangled

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Lion King and Cinderella are at the top of my list.

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Lady and the Tramp

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Just to clarify, the movies i’m referring to are featured on this list. Thanks :¬)

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Nightmare Before Christmas
Alice in Wonderland
James and the Giant Peach

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It’s definitely “The Jungle Book” for me.

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Dumbo has always been my favorite Disney movie, followed closely by Fantasia

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Gotta be Beauty & the Beast and Cars

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I really dont think Pixar movies should be counted as Disney. I mean sure its technically Disney Pixar, but Pixar is really a league of their own.

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Mary Poppins
Sleeping Beauty
Lady and The Tramp
Why isn’t Pirates of The Caribbean on the list

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The Little Mermaid was one of my favorite stories when I was a little girl.
When I first heard Disney was going to make a movie of it,I screamed like one.
Joyfully,of course.;)

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Beauty and the Beast

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I can’t pick just one, so I’ll just list my top favorites.
Alice in Wonderland
The Sword in the Stone
Sleeping Beauty
Nightmare Before Christmas (If I HAD to choose one, this would be it.)
Peter Pan
The Princess and the Frog

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@TheOnlyNeffie Dammit! I forgot Princess and the Frog and Nightmare Before Christmas! I’m a horrible person!

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I love this.

And, this.
’ Do you hear what I hear? (grrrrrr)
A baby cry
Where we finding baby there are milk nearby’

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@WillWorkForChocolate oh my gosh, no you aren’t!!! Don’t say that!

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At the moment, my favourites are: Beauty and the Beast, One Hundred and One Dalmatians, The Great Mouse Detective, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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Wow, did I show my age naming Fantasia or what !!!

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@TheOnlyNeffie If I forgot Nightmare Before Christmas, it makes me horrible! Really truly horrible! That’s my all time fave Disney flick! I’ve even got Jack Skellington houseshoes, NBC checks, a Jack and Sally checkbook cover, an NBC fleece blanket…... it looks like Jack, Sally and the entire cast of NBC threw up all over my house! Can’t believe I left that movie out! Ack!

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as an underdog… it has to be Dumbo…
I felt like Dumbo as a kid…and still do for that matter

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The Fox & The Hound
Atlantis: The Lost Empire

for some reason, I thought The Iron Giant was Disney… it isn’t. Because The Iron Giant trumps both of the titles I just listed.

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The Jungle Book.

I now have the song Bare Necessities going through my head. Oh well, could be worse.

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The Three Caballeros
Peter Pan
The Rescuers/ and Down Under
Robin Hood
Pete the Dragon

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I have always loved the Fox and the Hound. And am a huge fan of Fantasia. :)

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Tangled : ) I loved it :P Cant wait till it’s out on dvd !!!

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Other jellies have already picked my favourite, it’s Fantasia. I still have a little ceramic Mickey in his sorcerer outfit my Grandma bought me a lot of years ago, a beautiful china mug that hubby bought me from the Disney store in town, along with the video which had just been released…. video anybody lol I’m sooooooo old!! Hubby took me to see it in the cinema when we were “courtin’” (hey! it was re-issued for the school holidays at the time I’m not THAT old!! lol) and I have soooooooo many lovely memories wrapped around it from down the years. Just wonderful!!! Another smile inducing wee question @ucme thank you <hugs> xx

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@bunnygrl , I was pretty young first time I saw Fantasia, but I still remember how scared I was by the sorcerer’s eyes—yellow I think they were—and very angry. In the ‘90s, I took the young son and daughter of a friend to see it, promising them the time of their lives. Yeah, right! Children of TV and videogames, they were bored out of their minds—spent most of the time in the lobby. Me, I was still enthralled.

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@Austinlad I know exactly what you mean!! When I watch I see magic, sheer absolute perfection, and the soundtrack alone can take me to a whole new place, even thinking (and typing) about it now I’m sitting here smiling :-) but to the younger (pixar??) generation…..... well the charms of this wonderful and (to me at least) ageless little film seem lost and that is just heartbreaking.
ps: apologies to any younger jellies, I don’t mean to offend anyone re: Pixar, I really don’t, I love some of them but I was trying to make the point that you younger jellies have been pretty spoiled with all of the advances in technology :-)

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The Sword in the Stone.
Dumbo, Bambi, Fox and the Hound and yes, Fantasia.

@Austinlad I was scared our of my mind by the sorcerer. For you.

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I LOVE Peter Pan and Pinocchio

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I was living in NYC, a young kid, when Uncle Walt died. I was walking through Grand Central and spotted the headline. I cried.

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For all those that said Nightmare Before Christmas, if you havent heard it, I strongly suggest you check out the cd Nightmare Revisited. Its all the Nightmare songs covered by a bunch of different artists. Each takes the song and really makes it their own. Great stuff.

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you made it easy when you said no pixar movies

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Hmmm, maybe if I watched some of them again I’d change my mind, but just going on fondness of memory:

Fox and the Hound
Something Wicked This Way Comes

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My favorites are Peter Pan, Snow White, Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland and the Ice Fairies and the Chinese Mushrooms from Fantasia.

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Thanks all. Despite a little confusion….read the details people….. the intended list I gave was, more or less adhered to. I myself prefer the pixar movies over the more traditional disney output. I just wanted to recognise the landmark in reaching 50 oldie films.

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Quite a few on my favourites list. In no particular order:
The Lion King
The Little Mermaid
Lady and the Tramp
Beauty and the Beast

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame

If How To Train Your Dragon is Disney then that comes in at a very close second choice even though you banned the Pixar ones!

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Actually, How to Train Your Dragon is Dreamworks, along with Kung-Fu Panda and Surf’s Up. Great movie though, Dreamworks does good work on it’s animated titles.

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The Lion King.

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The Little Mermaid
Sleeping Beauty

Never been a big Disney fan, not even when I was a kid. But the ones I do like are the ones with the best villains. Disney’s always been good for villains. I’m not a fan of the Disney Princess thing, but every villain needs someone to menace.

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Okay, I’m on a major Johnny Depp high today, so I’m going to have to revise my earlier answer and say that not only does Pirates of the Carribean count as a Disney movie, but it’s my very favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I love the animated flicks, but omfg, a Disney movie with Johnny Depp in it? Automatic win.

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The Lion King! I watched that so many times I could quote all the lines, from start to finish, as I lay in my bedroom next to my brother when we were trying to sleep.

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@genkan The Lion King is the first thing I remember rebelling against because it was so popular, and of course I wasn’t just going to like something that everyone liked. Took me long enough to grow out of that.

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