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How many cells are in the human body?

Asked by CATHERINEATHANS (10points) January 24th, 2011

Many children think that they are stupid and useless. Because each cell can make a whole other person, given the proper atmosphere, I wish to know,

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An estimated 10 to 50 trillion cells.

I wish I knew how to clone children too, (I’d open up a shop and sell ‘em as pets)

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The most commonly quoted figure is 100 trillion. However only about 10% of the cells in a human body are actually “human”.

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Lightlyseared: If not all cells in the human body are human, what else could they possibly be?

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I have also heard the figure 10^14 (100 trillion). @poisonedantidote‘s answer agrees in order of magnitude.

And I don’t get @Lightlyseared‘s point about 90% non-human cells either.

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I suspect that @Lightlyseared may be referring to the bacteria that populate our digestive tract, mucosa, and skin.

edit: Hmm, or on second thought, maybe not; that percentage seems high.

re-edit: Oops, had it right the first time.

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many trillion, however the number is ever changing due to mitosis.

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