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Why does my wedding ring fit on my left hand but not on my right?

Asked by chocomonkey (290points) January 24th, 2011

I realized just now that my wedding ring easily slides on my left ring finger but won’t make it past the second knuckle on my right hand. Not even close. Is this true for you? Any idea why?

And yes, I’m right handed.

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Absolutely normal. There are differences in the size of our hands, feet, fingers, toes, and even breasts many times. I don’t know if right handed makes a difference, but it is entirely normal. I tend to think common.

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Our bodies are naturally asymmetrical. It would be uncommon if the ring fit on the same finger of both hands.

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Yup, no one’s body is perfectly symmetrical. I had a friend whose mother’s feet were so different that she wore two different shoe sizes.

It may have to do with the fact that your right is your dominant hand, but not necessarily. My rings only fit on the fingers on which I wear them, and it’s not all that uncommon.

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I can appreciate that our bodies are not symmetrical, thanks for the replies!, but I still wonder if there’s an interesting answer as to “why”.

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Well, I think a right-handed person has a more developed right hand just because of use, for the same reason that an athlete’s muscles are bigger than those of a person who doesn’t work out. Doesn’t that sound reasonable?

Also I noticed that my left hand, which thickened over 30 years, had developed an indentation where I wore my wedding ring, so that it moved around easily in place but would not come off over my knuckles. (I am one of those who never remove their wedding rings.) For surgery on my left hand, it had to be cut off, a process that took longer and hurt more than the surgery itself.

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If only the answer were just so obvious! Damn!

Maybe, just maybe…your fingers are slightly different sizes….but that’s just my guess.

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Are you right handed? more use = more muscle density

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Which is what I said.

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