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I Am Ledgend or 28 Days?

Asked by Breefield (2733points) April 12th, 2008

Which did you like more and why?

I liked 28 Days much more, it was a lot more interesting. Sometimes older movies are just better.

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My god, I can’t even say the two in the same sentence. 28 Days Later was an edgy, inventive, scary and visceral movie. I Am Legend was a vehicle for Will Smith to look alternately buff and sensitive, and a criminal waste of 100 minutes of my life. It was Turner and Hooch of The Dead. Older has nothing to do with it.

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I concur completely with sharl

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I’m not much of a movie buff. I only asked because they both have “night = zombies, day = do stuff” scenarios.

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will smith did look good in that movie… Haha. But yeah, I’ve never seen 28 days, perhaps I shall rent it.

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You should, it’s very good.

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Also, as far as the reason I brought up older being better. It was because the style of cinematography was different in 28 days, it seemed older and more authentic.

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I disagree; i hated 28 days with passion. I saw its sequences were simply illogical and poorly construed. While that argument still could be used with I am Legend, the alternate ending of the movie (which, was much more loyal to the book) simply confounded me. It completely changed the perspective of the movie, and my overall enjoyment of it.

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The alternate ending to I am legend, skwerl??

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I’ve never seen it!! Is it better then the orginal ending?

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Without the alternate ending, I am Legend is just another undead thriller. with the alternate, the purpose and feeling of the movie changes entirely. its completely role-reversal. Its the reason why i saw the movie in the first place, and i was incredibly disappointed when it wasn’t in the original movie. It’s the theatrical approach to the true book ending.

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I’ll have to definately check that out! Thanks skwerl.

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28 Days is a way better movie. I didn’t like it so much in the end around the time of the whole army scenario.

I am Legend was decent, but nothing by comparison.

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No contest, 28 Days. Love the grainy video look of it too.

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For one, It was all over for Will Smith after he quit DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.
Secondly, 28 days was brilliant and shot on tiny budget with a fairly inexpensive camera, relatively speaking. Not to mention, the opening song by Godspeed You Black Emperor is dark and brilliant, and perfectly evokes a feeling of desolation.

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i am legend with the REAL ending

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I’ve been meaning to watch 28 days. I heard it was good, i’ve just been to lazy to get it and watch it. however I did see I am legend. I hated the ending, and i need to see the alt ending.

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-always down for the Fluther intertextuality

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somehow I feel as though I’m being made fun of all of a sudden. lol..

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Too much love for you [paul does fist pounds heart thing]

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yup i knew I was having a nightmare. wake up you silly goose.. I hate these dreams where I’m trapped and I know I’m dreaming but yet I can’t wake up.

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