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Can Vicodin cause bizarre dreams?

Asked by Mariah (25883points) January 25th, 2011

I didn’t see this listed as a side effect when I googled it, but since I have been taking Vicodin I have had weird-ass dreams (including the very frightening one that just woke me up) and I’m wondering if it could be the meds, or if it’s just me. Have any of you had extra-bizzare dreams after taking Vicodin or hydrocodone?

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ABSOLUTELY !!! Nightmares caused by the stuff are murder! Years ago, recovering from back surgery, I learned that the hard way. Get off them as quickly as your doctor allows you to.

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I hated Vicodin for that very reason….I could barely sleep and when I did, it was fall down the rabbit hole time.

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Cruiser. rabbit hole? Did you see Thumper?

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@john65pennington Yes he saved me from the herd of charging pink elephants! XD

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@everybody Yeesh! Thanks for that reassurance! I’m not somebody to post dream-interpretation questions but I was half tempted after last night’s bizzaro nightmare. It’s good to know that it probably wasn’t my brain chemicals alone that produced that one. XD

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YES. I have always had disturbing dreams on the stuff.

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I think everyone has different reactions to Vicodin depending on their own body’s chemistry. For me, I don’t even recall having any dreams on the stuff. It more or less just knocked me right out and I’d wake up a few hours later, none the worse for wear.

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Yeah, I hate it for that. Mainly, it just messes with sleep in general. Always leaves me grouchy and tired the day after I take it, although being injured badly enough to need it will do that, too.

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Besides causing a massive case of hives, it caused me to have dreams about snakes chasing me.

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It is codeine based, so I would guess it could. I can’t say, because I have a paradoxical reaction to codeine. It keeps me from sleeping. I may feel drowsy, but I lay down and my head seems wooden. I don’t know how else to explain it. I just lay there with my eyes closed and this strange, wooden feeling. Most annoying when you are really sleepy. So if it can give me a wooden head, it can probably give you strange dreams.

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@cak, next time you dream about snakes, remember the heavy cavewoman from Johnny Hart’s “B.C.” I dreamed about being thrown through a wall.

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@ich I’ll try that; however, I generally avoid the medicine now!

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I once was drowning in a room full of Scotch tape rolls. They were filling the room and I was sinking fast.
My problem is that I am not sure if I was asleep. I may have been hallucinating. I was taking Percodan (sp) at the time. There was also the huge white goat that was trying to climb up on my porch roof.
Vicodin seems to be less troublesome for me than some other drugs, but I still have some strange dreams.

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I’d been on vicodin steadily for about 2½ weeks and then last week I lowered the dosage greatly, since I felt I might not be needing it anymore. I don’t remember having any weird dreams while on it regularly, but I think witdrawing from it is messing with my sleep… I had an insanely wild dream on Tuesday night and it just weirded me out and left me feeling strange all day long.
And last night I dreamt that bugs, some kind of cockroach mutant, invaded an island-country I was living on, England, I think, (even though I actually live in the mid-west of the US) killing everyone except for me and a few others, then crossed through an underwater tunnel to the mainland and destroyed the East Coast of the US. Yeah…strange…I’ve decided I don’t like Vicodin anymore…

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@cajyas It’s addictive. Yu don’t want to stay on it for a long period of time.

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