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Have you ever had a glass candle jar break from allowing too much wax to melt?

Asked by bobbinhood (5894points) January 25th, 2011

Candles in glass jars always include a warning about not allowing the bottom ½ inch of wax to melt since it might cause the jar to break. However, I have talked to a couple friends who have burned hundreds of candles all the way down without incident. So I’m wondering, how common is it for the glass to break? Is it virtually unheard of but they have to include the warning for the sake of liability? Also, what kind of breaking are we talking about? A minor crack? An explosion? Something in between?

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I heard that too…I went out and bought 10, and let them burn, only 1 cracked…kinda spiderweb across the bottom then fell over….the other 9 kinda exploded when I filled them with water…froze them….then put them in boiling water…lol
The warning on them (and everything else) is just to cover their asses…

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I’ve never had this happen, and I have this cool candle heater thing that’s kind of like a hot plate. It melts the wax without a flame, which is great for people with curious cats :)

Anyway, it heats from the bottom, so the wax melts from the bottom up. I don’t think they’d be able to sell these unless the risk of breakage was pretty low.

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I’ve had many candles burn all the way down to the metal wick holder without any of them ever breaking. I’ve done this both with the candles that come in glass jars and with individual candles I have put in glass candle holders.

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I have had one break after burning only ¼ of the wax in the jar. But the wick wasn’t centered and it burned right next to one side of the jar. It isn’t so much burning all the wax. I believe, it is more uneven heating of the jar that can cause them to break.

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Yes, I have had glass candle containers crack when the candle burns all the way down, and at various other stages as well. These have all been the decorative type, none of the Hurricane candles in thick glasses have broken.

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YES! My husband bought me this trio of candle holders and they had delicate glass bowls. You put one of those tealight candles into each one. I forgot to put new candles in and they burned right down and the next thing there were these pops and the glass bowls exploded. I was so disappointed to lose the candle holders but it taught me a lesson.

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Thanks, everyone. This is most enlightening. I don’t think I’m going to worry too much about how low my candles get since most jars are fine and the others simply crack.

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