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What was something that made you smile today?

Asked by Jude (32120points) January 25th, 2011

I have been having a rough go this past week. My Dad isn’t doing all that well.

Anyhow, this morning, a good friend of mine went into labor and someone sent me this!.

Made me smile.

How about you?

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It means “ugly dance”. I love this page so much.

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Woke up this morning next to a really great guy.
Saw my little sisters.
And got on fluther.
Each one made me smile today :)

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On my morning walk today I saw a red fox and a couple of kestrels.
My dog was really interested in the fox. :)

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I had a great cup of coffee this morning—just when I needed it.

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Leanne1986’s Sexy underwear answer to the million bucks question.

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@Adirondackwannabe makes me smile every single day that I’m on fluther.

Edit: I have to add that today, specifically, I am smiling because my meds have turned me into Superwoman, my house is totally clean, all my laundry is done, so I don’t have to worry about how much time I spend on fluther! Bwuahahahahahahahaha!

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@Adirondackwannabe Glad I made someone smile today.

I bought my boyfriend a funny tshirt for his birthday.

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Waking up and knowing that I would see the best guy in the world today.
Playing with my puppy and having her go right into her crate without whining.
Having that first really sweet kiss from my boyfriend after fixing an issue.
Seeing friends that I haven’t seen in a while. :)
Always makes me smile…

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Well, I’ve just received a text, not ten minutes ago from a friend inviting me over for tea…… Dinner!!
So good bye micro meal you can go in my lunch box for tomorrow… :-)

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I was told that I have a job and start tomorrow.

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1. Reading that tonight is “Burns Night” in Scotland and the way to celebrate is to eat haggis!

2. hearing the song “There’s a Hole In My Heart That can Only Be Filled By You.”

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Finishing my first law exam of the new year – and nailing it!

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Feeling my baby moving around in my belly made me smile.

Waking up next to my husband made me smile too (especially when he was complaining that he was too comfortable laying with me and he didn’t want to get out of bed this morning).

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I got a smile out of hugging my kids this morning before we all went our separate ways for the day.

Tuesday, being my meeting day from hell, most of my smiling has been associated with sardonic laughter at everyone in said meetings recognizing that we are indeed living in a Dilbert comic.

Wait… late breaking news! I have one of those digital picture frames on my desk and a picture of my dad, my sister, and my son just popped up… ok and now there’s one of my mother-in-law (may she rest in peace) holding my youngest as a baby… Two great back to back smiles to give me strength for the rest of the morning!

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@zenvelo mmmm, haggis… yum!

I’ve just come away from a visa application meeting (I was there via telephone) for @austinlad, which made me smile :-)

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I was notified that I passed the Level I of the CFA examination :D

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My son is in the hospital and we’ve been staying with him. Today, he beat my husband at chess for the very first time. He was so proud, it was great to see a little sparkle in his eyes, again.

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MY BEST friend doing one of her crazy impressions that are always guaranteed to make me smile . .

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My son randomly told me he loved me and gave me a hug, which was beautiful on a very heavy day for me….and on a day in which I’ve not been the best of mums

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Actually finishing a small project around the house with the help of Husband, and we didn’t have to argue about any of the details of doing it.
@Jude I couldn’t do it but that video was sooo cute.

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Jillthetooth’s response about me living in the woods too much on the interracial dating thread.

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Skyping with my friend made me smile! ;)

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This made me giggle today. The video alone wasn’t super funny but the music gave it that extra something that made the corners of my mouth turn up in the slightest bit.

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@Jude That was an awesome video! made me smile for sure!

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Oh, and Lucille. :)

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Today I smiled because I did quite good on my own in accounts class :D
I did a presentation, and adding to that I don’t like standing in front of people and talk because I just panic and won’t be able to continue or remember what I was talking about. But I did it and I got a good grade.
I did well in Spanish class. Muy Bien :)
I was fantastic at soccer practice which was straight after school. I am a goalie and I did pretty good :):):):):) I can’t wait for the next training

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I just saw a bunch of hot guys in kilts whilst researching my answer for @harple ‘s question about our connections to being (or in my case enjoying) Scottish. Here’s the thread to that question.

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This is very amusing and certainly drew a smile!! And although it’s officially about facebook, I think it’s pretty relevant for on here too! Tee hee!

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My friend knew I was having a rough day, and randomly text me.
Remember, your left side is your strong side
(from remember the titans)

just made me smile.

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@Kardamom Pics or it didn’t happen!

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Getting my oil changed and my tires rotated and a few other things only cost me $36!

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@erichw1504 go to the thread listed in my post (above for this question) and you will see the pictures (on my post to the Scottish question).

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Today is a public holiday so I am going to spend the day with my special man. We are going to the beach, I am going to practise taking photos (my current favourite hobby), we will have lunch and then watch a movie together. It is an ‘our’ day. Hope you feel happier soon Jude. I am not sure what is wrong with your dad, but I feel for you.

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This (my new favorite Fluther question).

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LOL Jude. .... hmmmm all in the name of science.

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Maru is always great when you need a smile.

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I was smiling today for the same reason as @Harple! Making lots of plans for the future… if only we can get me and my cat to England in one piece.

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Today, Johnny Depp made me smile. And sigh. And drool. And daydream. And… I have to shut myself up now before it gets embarassing.

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My dentist told me and my son that we had perfect teeth and I got a PM from a lovely new (ish) jelly AND I got some amazing responses to my question about fear… just having the support of you jellies makes me smile :-) x

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I am going to get my kitty this weekend! He has been at my sister’s for a month now.

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@Jude was your kitty just visiting your sister?

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It is supercold, but the sun is shining. That makes me happier!

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Got my checkbook balanced and my bills all paid this morning, and still have enough money leftover to go the grocery store. I’m smilin’.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Watcha gonna get at the supermarket?

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@Kardamom Ducttape, chocolate and condoms…

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@WillWorkForChocolate Sounds like you’re in for one heck of a weekend!

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The last few comments on this thread.

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I know it’s really cheesy, but I love puppies! Today I went with my friend to get her little sister a puppy from the pound, and that made me so happy/ The puppy was so cute and her sister was so surprised and happy, it just made my day.

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This is going to sound horrible. My son has been very sick lately, he was in the hospital for a week and he’s still not better. In fact, they just added more specialist and will be going back in the hospital soon. Today, at the pediatrician’s office, they needed a urine specimen. My husband took him to the restroom and the next thing I hear – and the nurse, was my son, “What the crap?!? It’s going everywhere!” Then I hear my husband, “UGH, you peed on my hand, again.”

The nurse and I were laughing our butts off.

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@cak That doesn’t sound horrible at all. I had something slightly gross happen to me when I delivered my second child and I laughed hysterically over it. The very second she came out and the nurse went to lay her on my stomach, she pooped all over me. The nurse was like, “OH MY GOD! EWW, I’ll get this cleaned up right away!” I just sat there and laughed as that poor nurse was diligently cleaning newborn baby poo off of my lady parts. I’ll have to blackmail my daughter with this story when she’s older…

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My son’s face when I picked him up at nursery

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@WillWorkForChocolate: Yes, they have their way of humbling us, in the best ways possible!

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