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Want to share a few details about your haircuts?

Asked by erichw1504 (26420points) January 25th, 2011

First state whether you are male or female.

- Where do you get your haircut? (barber shop/salon/home)
– How often do you get it cut?
– Who generally cuts your hair? (woman/man/friend/spouse)
– What kind of style do you usually have?
– Have you ever had a really crazy or weird style?
– What colors have you dyed your hair before? Is it dyed right now?
– What is the most expensive cut you have ever paid for? Least expensive?

- Men only: Are you okay with going to a salon? Or do you have to go to a barber?

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I am Male and get my hair cut in a barbershop. I get it cut every two weeks and my hair is cut my a man. My hair is cut with a 1 on the Top and 0 on the sides and back (short and shorter).

I am not OK with going to a salon because in my experience the people who work there do not know how to do a real fade. Only an old school barber knows how to really truly use clippers.

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- Male
– Barbershop
– Once a month
– Man
– Yes, a mowhawk
– None, nope
– $15, free
– I can tolerate a salon, but a barber is much more preferable.

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Salon in Boston on Newbury
Every 4–6 weeks
Keith – Has been cutting my hair for 15 years. Followed him between salons
see avatar
wierd crazy style only for a special event.
no dye or color
$30 is most expensive
Free – My aunt & Uncle were in the biz
Actually made an appt today for next weekend.

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That reminds me I am due to get my hair cut. It has been about five weeks since the last time. I get it cut in a large barbershop in town which has about 8 male and female barbers cutting hair.

They show football and boxing matches on wide screen televisions all day. I basically get a short back and sides though at one time I had a crew cut. The cost is £9:00 with a free sweetie thrown in.

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I get mine cut at a salon every two months by a hammered female stylist.
My hair is naturally wavy/insane looking so I guess that qualifies as a crazy hairstyle.I keep it past my shoulders and it is dyed as close to my natural color as I can get it.I have put an auburn rinse in it before and am not too anxious to do that again.
The most I ever paid for a cut was about $40.The least amount was nothing as I did it myself.
I was not tipped either ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille “hammered” as in drunk?

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I am a female teenager. I have an afro but I am currently rocking braided in hair extensions :)
When I have my afro thats when I get a ” hair cut” basically its called a trim… or wait is that the same thing?? :S
Anyways I trim my hair every 1–2 months.

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I’m female. I have long layers and trim my natural blonde hair myself. Sometimes I splurge and spend $20 to have someone else trim it.

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I cut my own hair, once every month or so, clippers, backyard, 10–15 minutes.

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I’m female and my person of choice to cut my hair is my best friend, Mike, who has a wonderfully uncanny knowledge of my head that makes me look super hot once he’s done. Mike lives in WV, though, so I don’t get my hair cut by him that often… however, he’s moving here in April and I’ll be fabulous again!

- Usually home, if not, then at a salon/studio
– Not with any real regularity, just when it starts to look bad and/or drive me crazy and/or when Mike tells me it’s time. :P
– My personal stylist/best friend
– Anywhere between chin and shoulder-length, usually, with some layering.
– Yes. I had the underside of my hair shaved for a while (so you could only see it when it was in a ponytail) and I had this now-questionable super flippy hairstyle that I blame on Mike. Oh, and how could I forget the summer I got tired of my hair, stalked into a barber shop, and had the guy shave it all off?
– I love dyeing my hair, but rarely get to do it these days due to dress codes. I’ve been fire red several times, blue, green, aqua, and platinum. It’s not dyed right now, but I’m gearing up to dye it black because I’ve always wanted to try it and never had the balls.
– Well, Mike likes to tell me that his hair cuts are worth $150 in NYC, does that count? That would be my most expensive, but maybe $60 if you want what I have actually paid. Nothing would be the least I’ve paid.

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I’m female. I don’t get my hair cut very often, only when I feel like it needs to be cut or when I want a complete change. I prefer to have long hair. I have donated my hair twice to Locks of Love. I usually go to a salon and I’m not too picky on who cuts my hair. Right now I have about shoulder length hair and bangs that I just had trimmed. When I was younger I really wanted a perm so I had it done and it was a disaster. Worst hair decision I ever made! Glad I have more common sense now. I have never dyed my hair. The most I have ever spent is probably around fifty or so, not including a tip. I have also had my hair cut for free by a trusted family member or friend.

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I’m a guy.
I get my hair cut a bit less than once every 4 months. I know that because in 17 months of living in this city, I’ve gotten 4 haircuts. When the hair that grows around my ears, starts to get into my ears, I go in for a haircut.
I go to a barber shop, and a nice old guy always cuts it It’s just him and another guy who run the place, and the other guy does mornings, this guy does afternoons.
I never really have a hair style. All I care about is not having that annoying hair bother my ears. I just tell them not to bother taking much off the top, because that doesn’t matter to me. See this for a rough idea of how I look between haircuts.

I’ve never had a crazy hair style, and I’ve never dyed my hair.

Most I’ve ever paid for a haircut is $23. And that’s when I learned that barber shops were a better choice. I’ve had a few free haircuts by my neighbor when I was in high school, but other than that, cheapest I’ve had was $10 (and that’s at the barber shop I go to now).

I’m not okay with salons, for the sole reason that they’re too freaking expensive. I’m sure if I were someone who cared about appearances, the money would be worth it. But I’m not, so it’s not.

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This question made me laugh as during college I got free or very cheap clips from girls I knew and after college I couldn’t afford hair cuts and cut my own hair and it looked like it too!! XD.

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– Wherever, though all others being equal, I go for price. Mom still gives a pretty mean haircut, and doesn’t want money for it, so that’s who does it most of the time.
– Every few months.
– Mother, mostly. Come to think of it, I haven’t had a male hair-cutter in years. Even The Hair Saloon For Men is staffed with women.
– Short, but not too short, part on the right, don’t hack off the bangs, I comb those.
– Crazy Hair Day, 2nd grade. Hairsprayed so that they all stood on end.
– None, no.
– $60, free. I didn’t like the $60 haircut.
– See Answer #2.

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I generally give myself a buzz cut about every two months or so. When my hair is long enough to “lean” to one side, then I get the clippers out and take it all down with #5 comb on top, #4 on back and sides.

This winter I’ve forgone the cut, at least for now.

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Answers in bold

First state whether you are male or female.

- Where do you get your haircut? (barber shop/salon/home)
– How often do you get it cut? once every 3–4 weeks
– Who generally cuts your hair? (woman/man/friend/spouse)
– What kind of style do you usually have? fade, with the top short
– Have you ever had a really crazy or weird style? yeah i let my friend cut my hair once, it was weird
– What colors have you dyed your hair before?none Is it dyed right now? no
– What is the most expensive cut you have ever paid for?$15 Least expensive? $8

- Men only: Are you okay with going to a salon, or do you have to go to a barber? i would be okay with a salon if the price was right and the location was right, also if the place looked nice enough

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Female. I only trust one haircutter. Her name is Crystal and she is located in Pennsylvania…and since I’m not anymore, I only get haircuts when I go home…so….every 6 months? But I forgot to over Christmas so….guess I’m waiting til the summer! The haircut is 25 dollars and I give her a 5 dollar tip….it’s always the same. I cannot tolerate a bad haircut, and most stylists think they know what you want but actually don’t because they haven’t listened to what you’ve told them since they thought they already knew to begin with so….no one else gets my money. But I’m about to dread myself up and then shave my head after that anyhow, so I won’t have to worry. :)

My worst haircut was in 2nd grade. I went to “Fantastic” Sams and told them to chop it all off. My mom was like “Hey, whatever she wants!” So they did, and for years everyone thought I was a boy. “Does your son need a childrens menu?”.......

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- Where do you get your haircut? (barber shop/salon/home)
– How often do you get it cut?
– Who generally cuts your hair? (woman/man/friend/spouse)
– What kind of style do you usually have?
– Have you ever had a really crazy or weird style?
– What colors have you dyed your hair before? Is it dyed right now?
– What is the most expensive cut you have ever paid for? Least expensive?

1. Salon
2. every 6–8 weeks
3. Man named Frank (owns the shop)
4. Here I am with my hurr.
5. No
6. Au natural (I’m boring). I don’t cover the grey, yet.
7. 40 bucks (most), 27 (least)

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@erichw1504 She must be! Or I must be! XD

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Salon (not a posh one but it is mixed-sex)
Every 4 weeks. If I leave it longer it drives me crazy.
A woman, although the previous one was a man, and he was probably the campest stereotypical gay hairdresser you ever did see.
As short as she can cut it with scissors rather than clippers. No more than a half inch at the longest point.
Never had a crazy style
Have spend a fortune over the years on hair dye trying to get a decent ginger colour instead of the usual light brown. Failed, gave up.
It usually costs £8. I think the most I’ve spent was about £30 for a professional dye-job.

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– Home or salon.
– Whenever I feel like it. I tend to get it cut fairly short and let it grow long, so it may be months.
– I generally cut my own hair but have also gone to a salon.
– It ranges from short to long, unstyled. Somewhere in between short and long it starts to get kind of like Shaggy’s hair or the foliage of a truffula tree from The Lorax.
– No, not really. My hair is already kind of crazy, though, so I’ve attempted to straighten it.
– Haven’t ever dyed it.
– Just for the cut: $15, $0. (Straightening cost like $45 with cut included.)
– I’m a male and have only gone to a salon. Never been to a barber. In fact I’ve pretty much just gone to either the one salon (where the same person cuts my hair every time) or done things myself. My whole life.

Went to a different salon once and the guy literally would not stop cutting my hair because he couldn’t get it the way he wanted it. It was almost a buzz when he finished and he hadn’t even touched the clippers.

I have no desire to go to a barber.

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SHIT!!! That’s the last time I let the wife loose on my head :¬(

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I am a female
I go to a family friends house to get my hair trimmed
I get it trimmed every 8–10 weeks
I prefer women to trim my hair, and I can’t just go anywhere, If I were to actually get my hair cut, I would have to go somewhere where they know how to deal with my hair type (natural porcelain doll curls).
But right now I have it straightened, and it comes to just below the top of my shoulders
I have never done any crazy styles with my hair
I always dye my own hair, and usually I dye my birthmark a crazy pink, or purple, but since I am looking for a job, it has to be as close as possible to my natural color
I have never spent more than $20 for somebody to do my hair

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Last time I cut my hair it was in a salon, but my hairdresser normally comes to the house.
I cut and dye my hair every couple of months.
I’ve only ever had one male cut my hair.
I currently have been rockin’ the a-line look.
Never really had a crazy hairstyle.
My hair is naturally a light brown and I always dye it a super dark brown with hints of burgundy.
The most expensive hair visit was when I got it cut, dyed and also received a Brazilian Blowout. The bill was about $350. I’ve since found a much cheaper deal on all three for only $200. Considering that the blowout lasts about 4 months, it’s worth it.

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- Salon
– Anywhere between every 8 weeks to 6 months depending on how long my hair is
– Woman
– I have had short hair (pixie style), long hair, currently a bob.
– Nope.
– I’ve dyed my hair red but it is currently my natural hair colour: somewhere between dirty blonde and light brown
– $60 and choked as I paid. That is the reason I grew my hair out from the pixie cut.

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As a black male, I only get the same haircut because it is what looks the most professional and is easy to do and maintain. I can do it myself or go to a barber, but I prefer a barber so they can shape it up better. I simply cut my hair short in an even layer.

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i like to be well groomed. my hair is soft curly/wavy. it needs grooming in about a week and a half because it grows so fast. i wear what is called a taper. the neck and sides are close clean and the hair is short wavy.

my wife always disagrees when i needa haircut and asks “who are you trying to impress; it’s fine as is.” to which i reply, “i am impressing myself—i need to be cut so i can make that skinny european suit pop.” .

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I am a woman.

Where do you get your haircut? (barber shop/salon/home) Home, usually.
How often do you get it cut? I trim my ends every couple of weeks.
Who generally cuts your hair? (woman/man/friend/spouse) I do. I have it professionally cut once a year or so, often by a friend or my mother in law. I know a lot of stylists.
What kind of style do you usually have? Very long, layered, highlighted.
Have you ever had a really crazy or weird style? I’ve done everything to my hair that can be done to hair. Shaved, mohawks, spiked, long, short, you name it.. I’ve tried it.
What colors have you dyed your hair before? Is it dyed right now? My hair has been every color of the rainbow… and then some. It is blonde right now, highlights. My natural hair is very light, though.
What is the most expensive cut you have ever paid for? Least expensive? Don’t recall the most expensive. The least I’ve paid for a haircut is nothing.

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I am female.

- Where do you get your haircut? Lately at home, my husband cuts it. Salons were insisting on cutting into my layers, whatever that is called, and it makes my hair look even thinner than it is. Stylist seem to not accept this as true, and it became incredibly frustrating.

– How often do you get it cut? About every 2 months.

– Who generally cuts your hair? My husband if at home. I don’t care if a man or woman cuts my hair in a salon. Lately, when I go to a salon, there is a woman I have been using. She cuts my husbands hair better then anyone else ever has. We talk about the fact that when we move, he will never find someone like her again. When I lived in Raleigh, NC I had a gentleman who cut my hair who was fantastic. Same thing, when I left there I never found someone like him again. My mother-in-law still talks about my hair cuts when I lived there.

– What kind of style do you usually have? Usually just below my shoulders. But, ever so often I go short.

– Have you ever had a really crazy or weird style? No.

– What colors have you dyed your hair before? Red, blond, all shades of brown. Is it dyed right now? Yes, very dark brown.

– What is the most expensive cut you have ever paid for? $65 plus tip Least expensive? $18 plus tip. I had it cut for free in my late teens by my boyfriend’s at the time brothers and SIL’s.

- Men only: Are you okay with going to a salon? My husband goes to a salon.

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I am female.
I go to a salon.
I get it cut every 10 weeks (every five weeks, color, every other visit – haircut and color)
a man cuts my hair. He is great. Before I went to him, my hair was straight, had no body. With him my hair has body and is very different from the way it was with every other hairdresser I have ever had except for one (she moved away and i did not know to get her new info). With this guy I use now, I have been going to him for about over 10 years. My hair looks just as good when i first get it cut as it does when it’s needing a cut, in other words, it never looks bad.
kind of style – a few inches below my shoulders, long layers.
ever had crazy style? no
colors: presently a reddish blonde, single process. this was my haircolor when i was a child. other than this color, it’s been highlighted. The colorist is not the hair stylist. A man cuts my hair, a woman colors it. I go to a fancy salon where there is antique furniture and they serve you coffee, tea or other beverages in fancy classes and cups.
Most expensive cut I have ever paid for – this one that i get now with this guy. It’s $75.

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13 bucks. Barber. Down the street. As little as I can.

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First off, I am female. I get my hair cut at a salon (but have gone to barbers as well) My hair has grown by the time I get to my car after leaving the salon, so I go about once a month. The stylist is also my sister, so it is a win-win. She lets me know when they are having specials etc. In the past, she has cut it at her house/my house etc.

I have had my hair long (below my bra strap in back) and very short. It is short now. I have had a mullet (played in an 80s band). One time my sister took one long strand of hair (that I could tuck under so no one could see it) and she dyed it blond then made it blue. As it faded, it had wonderful colors (black, grey, blue, blond) and it looked like a feather that I could pull over my shoulder or hide as needed.

I don’t remember any cut ever being expensive (it is my sister). She has french-braided my hair, dyed my hair, cut my hair, and she is a whiz with a blade or clippers. I have seen her give a precision military haircut and every other thing you can imagine. Sometimes I let her decide what she is going to do and at other times I tell her to cut it all off or whatever I feel like doing that day.

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I’m a male and I’ve been cutting my own hair for over 30 years. I figure why pay someone to make my hair look bad when I can do that myself for free. I calculate that I’ve saved nearly $5K over the years. I generally do a standard taper trim but a few times I’ve given myself a butch. I’d love to give myself a flat-top but I’m not skilled enough for that.

I think that I paid around $6 (I had to pay double because I had really long hair) for my last professional hair cut and the barber told me that my hair looked better long. I told myself that I’ld never go back.

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First state whether you are male or female. I am female.

- Where do you get your haircut? (barber shop/salon/home) Kerrie’s hair and beauty
– How often do you get it cut? Every six to eight weeks
– Who generally cuts your hair? (woman/man/friend/spouse) Kerrie who is the manager and my friend
– What kind of style do you usually have? Long and layered
– Have you ever had a really crazy or weird style? No, it’s always been long apart from a dodgy bob I had when I was about 7 years old
– What colors have you dyed your hair before? Is it dyed right now? I make it more interesting by having a slight copper colour added to my boring brown locks. In the past it has been bright red, black, blue and purple.It’s a bit more subtle nowadays
– What is the most expensive cut you have ever paid for? Least expensive? A cut and colour usually costs me about £75. That is the most I have ever paid on my hair.

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@noelleptc It was hideous!

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Fancy-schmansy salon
Once or twice a year when it’s long, but I cut my own bangs in between. Much more frequently when it’s short.
I’ve had male and female stylists, but both my favorites have been men. I don’t have a regular person, now.
Usually long layers with fringy bangs, a little below my shoulders. Right now it’s halfway down my back, and my bangs are chin length. I desperately need a hair cut!
I’ve had an asymmetrical bob, with spiked hair on top. For a long, long time, I had long, long hair… down to my butt. Then I got it cut super short, like Halle Barry, which I loved. Too much upkeep for me, though. :(
As my hair has faded over the years, and gone grayer and grayer, I now sometimes dye it myslef – as close to my natural shade as I can get. Kind of a light auburn. I need to color it again, soon.
Maybe $65.00. Least expensive was free, from my aunt, when I was a kid.

I cut my husband’s hair, but he used to go to a barber.

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@augustlan Funny you mention short hair having mre upkeep. I am in the mood to cut my hair, but haven’t because I like being able to pull it into a ponytail in the morning when I have bed head, so I don’t have to fuss with it before my swim or zumba classes. Short hair I have to do my hair every day. It gets annoying.

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I am a male. My hair gets cut at home about twice a year by my wife. It has been long since I was a teenager and I’ve never experimented with a crazy/weird style, nor have I ever dyed my hair. I have never personally paid for a haircut, though my mother paid about $20 the last time I got my hair cut by a professional (I was 15 at the time).

As for a salon, I would go wherever I needed to go. I have a friend who is a cosmetologist. I’d be fine going wherever she worked if I had something I wanted a professional to do.

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@JLeslie Yeah, short hair required that I do something to it every day. At the very least I had to wet it down (since I don’t wash my hair every day), and usually I had to add product (dry wax) to make it do what I wanted. Not to mention the frequent cuts to keep it in shape! Too much trouble, too much money. I am a pony tail girl, all the way.

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I am male.

I don’t really have a style, I just let me hair do it’s down thing. I brush it back after I shower every day, and let it part where it wants to part. I usually let it grow until it gets into my eyes, starts disrupting my ultimate Frisbee game, or my mother nags me. At that point, I get is shortened up to above my ears on the sides, just above my eyebrows in the front, and close cut in the back.

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