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Why do you think 3D printers haven't taken off yet?

Asked by mathsphysicsnormally (324points) January 25th, 2011

They’ve been around for a few years now but they haven’t really caught on yet, maybe because of cost but why else?

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Well, what is the average consumer going to do with it?
I reckon, not much. Most of the time it will be just standing around, catching dust.

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I think it is a combination of factors.

Firstly, price. A commercial 3D printer is darned expensive.

There are, of course, plans available for an open source version of a 3D printer that you can build pretty cheaply. But this is definitely a project for the pocket protector crowd (like myself).

But, even if you bought one or built your own, what exactly would you print? Unless you are a serious tinkerer it would be pretty hard to justify the cost of owning one.

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@YoBob For the build-yer-owns, what would cheap be? I had seen kits for the $1200 to $2500 range. Have they come down much?

If I could print out dirty pictures on one I’d be more amendable to getting one. You know, for art…

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Have you seen the fucking price? It’s 1000 pounds! It costs more than my whole PC!

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Besides cost, which you mention, but is the dominant reason. If they were $100, you’d see a lot more, at 25–100x that, they’re going to be a niche item for the time being.

- Most print in a particular medium, and those aren’t particularly strong, flexible, or useful beyond modeling purposes. Most people don’t do much modeling around the house or the office.
– When we do need a custom part, it’s rarely one I would make out of plastic, sugar, or resin as my first choices
– They aren’t easy to use or design with. 3d design isn’t rocket science, but it’s a bit tougher than word processing
– a box made of plywood and zipties will never be a widespread consumer product. It’s not meant to be, and this isn’t a knock on the makers, it just hasn’t matured to that point yet

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@mrentropy “MakerBot has a kit that runs around $1200. However, If I remember right, the last time I checked (couple of years back) there were open source plans for building one with material readily available at the local hardware store for around $500. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the links to the plans. I’ll post them if I can dig them up again.

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Ok… Here it is

Costs around $400 to build according to Wikipedia.

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