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Modern Family, best show on network tv?

Asked by CBrennan15 (353points) January 25th, 2011

It’s my personal favorite. What are some others, funny or not, that you like? I’m talking strictly network (NBC, ABC, etc.)

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I tried watching it… I think it would be better if they made “Married With Grandchildren” instead… and kept the original cast and just added some grandkids.

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It’s alright. A few episodes made me laugh, but I get tired of TV series very quickly.

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The Big Bang Theory



How I Met Your Mother (it used to be funnier, but Neil Patrick Harris is still -awsome_).

Two and Half Men is still pretty funny, but less so now that Charlie Sheen’s life seems to be mirroring his character on the show (and there’s not enough Berta or Evelyn anymore).

Sh*t My Dad Says is pretty funny and I think it has the potential to be a really really funny show. Denny Crane and Captain Kirk all rolled into one, how could that not be funny?

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Community would give it a run for it’s money. Both shows are exceptional.

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I haven’t seen Modern Family, but I’ve heard it’s a funny show. I’ll check it out some day.
I’m starting to like Fringe

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The Big Bang Theory

Dragon’s Den where some lady once tried to get their money for her product: water she SANG to.

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No. I like it, and it definitely has some brilliance, but it’s predictable and every single character is a common stereotype. Part of Arrested Development’s brilliance was that none of the characters were stock characters, and the plot lines were uncommon and unpredictable. Community gets closer, as does 30 Rock. I also like The Good Wife (not comedy), Castle, Chuck, and The Big Bang Theory.

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I like it quite a bit. However, I’m currently in love with Detroit 1–8-7, that might be my new favorite. Try as I might, though, nothing will fill the void left by 24 and the American Life on Mars

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I recently got into 30 Rock, which, although I love The Office, is way better than it.
Big Bang Theory
Two and a Half Men

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