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Which cabinet member will not be attending tonight's State of the Union address?

Asked by bunnygirl50665 (80points) January 25th, 2011

I’ve been told one of the cabinet members won’t attend, who is it?

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Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, will be tonight’s designated survivor.

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Hmmm…if that’s right, I wonder if it’s a sign that they will be getting rid of him soon? My least-favorite cabinet member…

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How can one choose a “least favorite?” Almost ALL of them suck! LOL!

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@crisw Well, they do always have to have a designated survivor, but they aren’t always trying to get rid of someone. So probably not. I feel (with no evidence to back it up) that it was him before last year, as well. Plus, they always go with a less prominent member of the cabinet, and the Interior isn’t really a prominent position…

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Some suck worse than others. Salazar is an environmental disaster. Almost all the major groups opposed his appointment, and he has, unfortunately, lived up (or down) to their expectations.

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