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Anybody watch the NBA?

Asked by Thesilvertiger (264points) April 12th, 2008 from iPhone

who would you go for and why? I need to place a bet!!!

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Go Rockets!!!! We live in Houston and my boyfriend is a huge Rockets fan. They had a 22 game winning streak this season and as of right now they hold 5th place in the western conference. I’m not sure if you should bet on them , however last time they had a streak like that they won the whole thing, so you never know!!!

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I live in Houston and I like the Rockets, but I wouldn’t bet on them. They lost Yao Ming and I don’t think they’ll make it far in the playoffs because they don’t have a reliable big man. I would go for the Lakers. I think their going to be tough once their healthy. They got Kobe Bryant one of the best scoring players in the game. And they also have three Seven foot players in Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, and Andrew Bynum. The Lakers are gonna be a force to reckon with in the West.

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I think the lakers aren’t going to get andrew soon, I heard it on espn that it will take a while longer than expected.

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lakers or pistons

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Hornets v. Pistons. Mark it.

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The Lakers are the best bet, they prob wont have Bynum but will have Home Court in the West.

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