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To the Muscians- Does anyone use Apple's Logic Studio?

Asked by speakerhead (253points) April 12th, 2008

I want to know if their is anyone who uses Logic, if so do you like it?

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Yes, and YES (I also teach this to students in recording arts and sound design).

For music production, it is primo; for mixdown/editing-only, there are some other programs that are simpler, and provide better functionality with 3rd party plug-ins.

Feel free to PM me for more info.

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I gave it a shot but found it far too complex for my simple needs. But it seems extremely powerful and I’d love to spend some time learning it… eventually.

For now, it’s back to Live.

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If you learn GarageBand, then you’ll have no problem picking up Logic-they are essentially the same program. I describe GarageBand to my students as “Logic with training wheels.”

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I should say that I had no issue in recording in Logic. It was all the post production and editing that got me caught up. Dealing with buses and unintuitive use of Rewire made things frustrating, but difficulty in sample editing was what made me put it on the shelf to be learned another time.

But it’s definitely a program I’d like to have a working knowledge of. It seems like a truly amazing piece of software.

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love using logic.

For anyone wanting to start playing with it I’d suggest opening a completed GarageBand project and tinkering with settings etc.

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