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What steps do I need to take to start an internet business?

Asked by frankielaguna (256points) January 26th, 2011

I’m looking to start an internet based business that will be offering products that will have subscriptions and am wondering what steps I’m going to need to take to be setup to do this?

Do I need to register my business in a US state like a normal business? Does it matter which state? etc..

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The answers to your questions largely depend on where you live and the specifics of the type of business you’re setting up. Best thing to do? Speak to a lawyer. I know Fluther is an awesome and resourceful community but it’s best to speak to someone who knows for sure. A lawyer in your state will be able to tell you exactly what you need to do.

A consultation with a lawyer won’t be too expensive. Any Joe Shmoe can talk to a lawyer. And if you find a lawyer you like, you’ll have his contact info and be able to reach out to him if you ever need to in the future. Be careful though. Lawyers often offer to speak to you for free or a low fee so they can bait you into paying them to file the paperwork for you. Just FYI.

Don’t wanna speak to a lawyer? Check out They partner with registered lawyers who can answer your questions for a small fee (e.g. $40). This is a very cool site.

The last thing you want to do is get discouraged. If you can’t afford a lawyer, or, then save some dough until you can.

Best of luck.

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You can find a lot of your answers here. (I am presuming you are in California based on your user name.)

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