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How do I build strength in my left arm?

Asked by gamefu91 (591points) January 26th, 2011

I joined gym few days back. My left arm is very weak as compared to my right arm.Like if I can do 15 reps with my right arm, I could hardly do 5 with my left arm. It feels like my left arm has no strength at all. And my left arms starts going outwards when I pickup any weight. How can I buildup my left arm and strengthen it? Should I do workout with only left arm to match it with my right arm?

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Your dominant arm is going to be stronger. Just keep working out, perhaps using a lower weight for the arm that is weaker until you build up to equal weights.

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Any man would know the answer to this right off (so to speak).

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@WasCy:Right on, dude.

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yea, your gonna have to work slow on your left arm to build up muscle. If you try to do equal weights on both arms you can risk injuring yourself…Start little by little until you get it to where you want to be. Be patient. Don’t forget to take your multivitamins and drink lots of water too.

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Yes, I ‘m ambidextrous ! :-/
It can take a little getting use to though……………
But you soon find the rhythm (so to speak ) :-/

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@gamefu91: Think of the favorite activity of most 13-year-old males and then use non-dominant hand.

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I’ve been working out off and on for several years now, only this past year I started taking it seriously. After putting in time at the gym, I’m now slowly getting “equal strength” in both arms. Just takes time, patience and hard work. That is all.

Also, I started switching hands doing everyday activities (brush teeth, putting on clothes etc) for fun and found out later that it’s actually a good thing for your brain.

Also last tip, like everyone said, switch hands when masturbating.

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