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Why are people suing Taco bell?

Asked by robinsa (14points) January 26th, 2011

I caught the end of a radio show where they were talking about suing taco bell.

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They apparently aren’t meeting the 70% beef standard to claim their products contain beef.

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Probably because it doesn’t cost very much to file suit against somebody but it often costs a great deal to defend against it. Therefore, large companies like Taco Bell become targets. Unscrupulous lawyers will basically blackmail such companies by threatening to sue over anything they can think of (regardless of merit) unless the target forks over an out of court settlement. Given the cost of defending against such suits it is often more economically feasible to pay some sizeable blood money than to defend against the claims.

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Because what they serve isn’t actually food?

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Lol….They just need to rub the “Tocco Bell dog” against a cow for a few minutes…..and make sure to name the dog “beef”...then they would be fine.

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Cause it’s easy….easier than just…not eating there apparently.

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Because taco bell sucks?

and some people are just stupid…

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Because they were too dense to realize that if you’re paying $1.29 for a giant cheesy beefy burrito that you didn’t pay enough to get real meat.

Those people are fishing for money, it’s not like taco bell poisoned them, it’s TVP. The same kind of stuff people pay five bucks for in a bocaburger.

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TVP is most certainly not the worst substitute for genuine ground beef.

If you really want an eye opener, just Google “pink slime”. The NY Times article is very informative. If that doesn’t change your love for TB (and all other fast food beef) nothing will.

But if you don’t mind the dose of ammonia designed to (not very completely) kill the pathogens residing in processing factory floor trimmings, by all means enjoy. After all, they add enough strong seasonings for disguise so you won’t have to be sickened by the ammonia smell the way that cafeteria workers in school lunch programs experience regularly.

Unfortunately, a certain percentage of pink slime is perfectly legal and they can disguise it with an innoccuous sounding name like “boneless lean beef” to avoid disclosing it’s presence, without anyone saying a mumbling word.

I doubt this will be emphasized in this latest suit since our govt. has decreed it acceptable as long as the percentage added is within the limits they have set.

Since I discovered the existence of this marvelous additive to 70% of the ground beef sold in America, I’ve lost all desire for any fast food beef whether it’s TB, BK or Mickey D. Isn’t the slightest bit difficult to pass it by. Ammonia plus assorted pathogens just don’t seem that tasty after all :)

But, don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.

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@Buttonstc You’ve got a lot of rage against beef substitute, might want to tone it down a little, only because the question was why Taco Bell was being sued. (I’m not a beef sympathizer or anything, I can’t enjoy most foods with my lack of an ability to taste, including beef.)
I don’t think this should be a lawsuit to receive money on the basis Taco Bell falls below the 70% mark with their beef. Rather, it looks like to me that it should be one to shut down Taco Bell, unless it is willing to reformat the quality of its beef. I don’t hate Taco Bell either, even if the only thing I get there is cheese roll-ups. I have many a friend who take part in the feasting upon supposedly delicious meat in a sleeve, many varieties of which I wish I liked as well.

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If they are putting Oatmeal in the hamburger as an extender, isn’t that making their food a little healthier?

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I see absolutely no reason to tone down facts. And it’s not rage as much as it is disgust against an industry charging premium (beef) prices for an
adulterated and diluted product (NOT BEEF) as well as the govt. which enables and permits the deception by not insisting upon truth in labeling.

The reason TB is being sued is for misrepresentation of an adulterated product.

Unfortunately, the wrong ingredients are being focused upon. As Filmfann humorously points out, adding oatmeal might make it more healthy :)

But adding “pink slime” definitely won’t. Do you think the outbreaks of E-coli at various fast food places every few years (which have killed people) are just an unlucky coincidence? It’s proof that the ammonia is not nearly as sufficient to destroy the pathogens lurking in floor sweepings as the processors keep insisting. So they just add more ammonia. It would make more sense to substitute that 10% with real qualify beef, but that wouldn’t be nearly as profitable as wringing every last dime out of the floor trimmings. Ammonia is cheap and plentiful, after all.

Perhaps if you were a parent of a child killed by one of the E-coli outbreaks, your attitude might be a bit less sanguine about these deceptive and dangerous practices which the government permits.

But we live in a free country and whoever still wants to enjoy TB after they are fully aware of the facts of what’s really in it, that’s fine with me. I’m not the least bit interested in dictating how or what anyone else eats. That’s their own business.

I’m only interested in shining a spotlight on some of the less savory aspects of a deceptive industry (pun intended) for they are not in dispute ( the govt. permits pink slime and merely regulates the allowable percentages added) and are truly unsavory in every sense of the word both culinary and ethical.

But don’t take my word for it. I can’t do links with iPhone or I would post a few doozies. But “pink slime” is a really simple search term and the basic facts are not in dispute (merely obfuscated for profit).

Everyone is free to do their own research and come to their own conclusions.

TB is being sued for misrepresentation of adulterated beef. IMHO the wrong ingredients are being focused upon. I’m just trying to balance out the complete picture. No rage. “Just the facts, ma’am” (as Sgt. Friday used to say)


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people actually go there because they believe wholesomeness is what they will find there? really? It’s the damn trial lawyers wanting another big payday…again. Lawsuits should happen when there is a salmonella outbreak and a cover up, something really nasty. I have no illusions about the kind of crap i’m about to ingest whenever I go to one of these crap holes, which isn’t very often. If you don’t move something really nasty through your system from time to time your immune system will think it can shut down. My immune system kicks ass.

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Reminds me of that bumper sticker “Cat : the other white meat”

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@Buttonstc I think you’ve proven my point about the “rage”. I don’t mean that you’re yelling or anything, just that you’re pushing your opinions a little hard. It’s very reminiscent of The Gideons walking around schools giving students fliers about abortion. You both mean well, but when you talk this much, or concentrate your effort on one spot to this degree, people just sort of have their eyes glazing over and/or finding you a nuisance.

If you had actually read my comment instead of sidestepping it and writing even more, you’d have also seen that I said this should be a lawsuit for the shutting down of Taco Bell. To sue for a monetary amount based on the misrepresentation of beef seems a little silly if you can obtain the facts by simply googling pink slime as you have already said 3 times.

I’m not against your point at all, just the way you represent it. You make it harder for other people trying to get the same point across by going into it in such detail. If it peaks someone’s interest, just have the link or google term there, or be ready with more info if they ASK.

You’re trying to do good by you and your fellow man, and I respect that. But if you jam it down throats, not nearly as many people will want to listen or care. You have to let people ease into the waters, don’t throw them in and then hold their head under.

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Taco Bell has responded with a full page ad in today’s New York Times.

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