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What is the most fun you ever had with snow?

Asked by wundayatta (58706points) January 26th, 2011

What happened? Why was it so much fun for you? How did it go down? Who were you with? Where did it happen?

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I was a Boy Scout Master for a number of years and we as a Scout club would go and make snow caves and do a winter survival. One of those trips was excellent and all the boys connected. We had a good bon fire at night and told inspiring stories in the evening. Then climbed in our sleeping bags within the snow cave. It snowed that night and when we woke up we have around a foot of new show all over. It was a very nice peaceful calm and we all felt we connected with each other and nature.

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Walking in it at Walden Pond.

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Playing in ice caves along Lake Huron.

It looked something like this.

We would climb over top and inside the ice caves.

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The most fun I’ve ever had with snow was on my neighbor’s deck. We were in to snowboarding and had a PVC pipe attached to a 4 X 4 that we used for grinding on with our skateboard and skates. So, we decided to set it up going down from the deck to his yard (about a 20 degree slope). Since there was plenty of snow on the ground, we could slide down the pipe on our snowboards and into the yard of snow. It was a lot of fun.

There was also a time when there was at least 2 feet of snow on the ground. After all the shoveling, the mounds of snow on the side of my driveway were practically over my head (probably 5 feet). My friends and I dug tunnels through them and created insane fortresses across from one another. We had the most epic snow fight ever witnessed by mankind! :O

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Snowmobiling,ice skating,sledding,ice fishing,hiking,building snowsculptures and “igloos” snow ball fights,photography,walking,cross- country skiing,trap shooting to name a few.I like winter very much! :))

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Lucy, I want to live where you live. ;-)

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@Jude You are welcome to come by whenever you want :)

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snowshoeing, skiing, boarding, building forts, igloos, snow tubbing, pulled by our dog, sliding off the house roof into it, walking across lakes, driving the car on the lake, ice fishing, skating, snow angels, winter carnival, getting my tongue stuck on the metal railing, snowball fights, outdoor winter camp fires, hottub/snowroll/hottub dips. Embracing my Scandinavian heritage and love winter!

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I’m a downhill skiier, and there are few things that I love more than that whoooosh feeling down a hill at 47 mph :D

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Hot tub in a snowstorm, taking a walk while it’s snowing and not too cold.

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Staying inside and watching the snow.

Cold and wet is not fun.

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Yesterday. I went skiing and it was a bright sunny day with long beautiful views.

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It doesn’t snow where I live so the only times I’ve ever seen snow were on special trips that my family and I took to the mountains. The best part was the calm silence followed by the crunch crunch crunch of my steps sinking boot high into the clean, sparkling snow. It was almost sublime. During the few times I’ve been to the snow, it was almost like I really couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Is it really cold frosty snow, or is it sugar? I have to taste it to make sure! Ahhhh, the taste of clean cold snow. It’s crunchier than I thought. And seeing the snow hanging on the pine trees, I don’t think a more beautiful sight exists in nature. If you are really quiet, you might hear the sound of a distant whump of a a pile of snow falling from a tree onto the ground. If you lay down on your back, the snow is much softer than your bed. If you lay still for awhile you can hear the whissssssssshhhhh of the wind blowing cool and muffled through the trees.

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I act like a child on Christmas morning any day it snows, so it’s hard to pick just one moment. The most recent moment that was most enjoyable for me was an impromptu snowball fight with my daughter this past December in the town square when we went to visit Santa. It was dark, the square was lit up with all sorts of lights and decorations, and we froze our hands because we forgot to bring gloves. The laughter and giggles were worth it.

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Naked snow angels are a blast!! If you are doing those you know you are having fun!! Woo Hoo Brrr!!! ;) Strawberry Park in Steamboat CO was the most fun place I ever did those…natural hot springs in the mountains that are clothing optional and it really helped being as hot as a lobster when I did them.

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I built a snowman in my garden, and decorated it with a carrot for the nose.
My dogs then went outside and it was hilarious watching them attempting to reach the nose so they could eat it. They jumped up as high as they could, they ran round the snowman and they ended up trying to dig all the snow away in order to reach it.
Such fun watching them.

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My dog goes crazy in snow. The best fun is just watching her, she’ll run round in it first, then she starts to rub her face in it and finally she just rolls over in it.

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Tobaggoning with my husband about 30 years ago. (At least that’s what he callled it!)

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I drew a penguin on top of my bin in the snow once… it was pretty cool… I shall put it on my blog for you to see (oooh and look just noticed TJAM !! @janbb.)

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Downhill skiing at Park City, Utah and at Mammoth mountain with my wife.

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@Brian1946 Very nice place to ski.

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Making large forts and stocking up on snowballs (as ammo). Then throwing them like a badass and owning my opponent.

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When I was in highschool, me and some friends would push the trampoline right next to the house and ski off the roof, and land on the trampoline. We always did that at my house. Great fun.

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Oh, I forgot this! Once when I was a little kid, my Dad took me and my brother up to the mountains to play in the snow. He brought along some of those paper cone shaped cups and then we made real snow cones. Dad also remembered to bring the Hi-C fruit drink to pour over the snow cones. All of our little friends were so amazed when we told them about this the next day. We managed to pack some snow into a cooler of some type that we brought home and we actually kept a snowball in our freezer for many years. Me and my brother would invite kids over to view the snowball in our freezer.

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@Kardamom Your first post describing the wonder of snow….
Made me put my coat and boots on and go outside and do some snow wandering.
It’s dark now and there are clouds, no moon or stars to shine on the snow, but the quiet, muffled sound of my boots on that clean soft snow and the fresh crisp air…. I tried to enjoy it as I think you might.

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I have nearly always hated snow, but three times stand out in my memory.

1. With a group of teens from my church group, we went for a weekend. We had tobogganing, ice skating, fireside singing, and sleeping in the dorm. It was a highlight of my teen life.

2. I took my son to a snow camp with the Y-Indian Guide group. It was great fun.

3. On a homeschool trip following the Pony Express Trail, we were stranded in Lake Tahoe by a snowstorm. We sat in the hot tub of the hotel and watched the snow fall in the parking lot.

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I would’ve been 8, I guess? Big snowstorm in my town, school cancelled for one day. We get back, and all the snow on the rather large playground has been pushed to one side and was a tremendous mountain! It was probably about 20 ft. high. We made forts and caves and slides coated with ice from water that we’d stored in our milk cartons from lunch. That was the only time I was sad that he snow melted away from that March onward.

The second best was when I was a freshman at uni, and there was another big snowstorm. A few of the girls in our dorm broke into the cafeteria, took 5 or 6 of the really large servers’ trays and we all got pissed on SoCo and Coke while tobogganing down the high, steep hill next door to our dorm.

There’s another blizzard happening where I am right now – thundersnow! – but damned if I want to go out in this! It’s freezing, the wind is whipping like crazy and the snow itself is the heavy, wet kind. It’s sticking to my windows!

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@aprilsimnel When I first heard the beginning of the thunder last night, I couldn’t imagine what I was hearing. Were the kids dragging furniture across the floor upstairs? Was there some kind of gas explosion near by? Gradually, as the sound went on and on, it dawned on me that it was thunder. Apparently, the process that creates thunder in a snow storm also creates a great deal of snow. 15 inches at the airport. And it is wet, heavy snow. And no one can get off my street. And work is open. Sigh. No one else is here but me.

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@aprilsimnel Thanks for the reminder of thundersnow. It is an amazing thing to witness. Brings back fond memories for me. :)

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