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What does ven pegate mean in English ?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) January 26th, 2011

It’s in Spanish but I want to know what it means translated in English.

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“come get closer (to me)”

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sorry, meant to add that was a loose translation from the web – so how the spanish would actually translate it in conversation, i dont know…

oh good, @thorninmud has an answer that makes more sense then what I just scrawled. Ta :)

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It means something along the lines of “get down on it” or “grind on it.”

“Venir” is “to come” and “pegar” is “to glue.” “Ven pegate” is the second person plural command form, so literally it’s “you all come stick yourselves.”

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@iamthemob is right, except that “ven pégate” is the second person singular command form. The plural form would be “vengan, péguense”.

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“come, glue your self to me” or… “come here and hit your self” (castillian spanish)

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“Grind on it” would be a particularly crude way of interpreting it. It’s more commonly (and more innocently) used in the sense of getting close, sticking close by.

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@thorninmud If this is from the lyrics of a song, or if it’s in a context of dancing, it can be interpreted only slightly more innocently than “grind on it”. If I had to translate it, I would use “come, get closer, as you suggested, but the intent would most likely be what @iamthemob said.

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As @bob_ – I think it’s not the way it need be interpreted out of context, but I think it’s most often used in ‘da club.

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The first thing that popped into my head is come hit yourself. I guess I don’t use glue for many things lol. But, glue or stick is correct also. Now knowing the context, after reading the thread, obviously it means glue or rub up against.

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In addition to “stick” pegar can also mean “to hit/punch.”

As in a parent telling their kid “Te voy a dar un pegaso” means roughly “I’m going to kick your ass.”

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