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When women say "I love Jews" what qualities are they referring to?

Asked by Aster (19974points) January 26th, 2011

I knew a Jewish guy in junior high school. I can’t recall any other than that one. He was extremely handsome but aloof with me and even dunked me in a pool seven times to the point I was frightened. So that’s my sum total of experience. What is it about Jews that women love? I only thought about this because I saw it mentioned on another question.

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I love Jews, in general.

All of the Jewish people that I have met have been fun, outspoken and terribly witty.

My girlfriend teases me that I have a Jew fetish.

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Well, this is a generalization, but there is a grain of truth in it…and I have a Jewish husband!

The Jewish culture strongly values intelligence, humor, education and financial astuteness. All are fine characteristics to have in a life partner.

Jewish mother-in-laws, though…that’s a different story!

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Ask Harple. ;-)

BTW, I never dunked her in a pool!

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They like our circumcised penises.

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I’ve had 2 Jewish boyfriends in my life and they were both gorgeous. They were both very smart and quite ambitious and the 2nd one really had the stereo-typical Jewish self effacing humor (ala Jerry Seinfeld or Richard Lewis). He was really funny without ever being mean or hurtful. And neither one of them had any of the Christian hangups that I’ve experienced with Christian dudes. Both of my fellas were Jewish by ancestry and were not practicing Jews, although they both partook of some of the Jewish holidays just like I partake of Xmas. Both of them enjoyed Xmas too. I liked the fact that they were very smart and open minded. Some of the Christian men I’ve dated had a real problem with the fact that I am not a Christian (or a Jew or anything else). And one, I found out later, had slept with tons of women, but could not accept the fact that I was not his first and he explained that it was important that he marry a virgin and he made a big to do about saying that abortion is always wrong (even though he was sleeping around with all of these women). And another one (that I foolishly dated when I was very young) drank and smoked pot and did other naughty things, but insisted that he had to go to Church every Sunday and was always quoting the bible when it “suited him.” My brother had quite a few Jewish friends in high school and college and they were all super, super smart and they enjoyed talking, they weren’t shy (or boring) wallflowers.

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I really think, for me, it boils down to all of the boys I couldn’t date in highschool. I went to a predominantly Jewish school.
Now there is just something about a man in a yarmulke that drives me crazy. :)

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I reckon I’ll be converting.

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Becoming a Jew is harder than getting into Mensa, so good luck, @mrentropy. Ah, but the rewards…

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Jews are (gross generalizing here): Intelligent, driven, funny, witty, curious, stable (both emotionally and financially), open-minded, liberal, musically inclined, feminist, excellent in bed (because they value a woman’s pleasure as well), and believe in the value of having a good family life as well as a good career (whereas WASPs in the same class/neighborhoods usually sacrifice time with their kids and spouse in order to advance their career). And, of course, since the religion dictates that penises be circumcised in order to create the covenant with G-d, they’re less likely to get into the debate about how inhumane it is.

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Perhaps their penchant for brilliant slapstick is another quality that women find so attractive in some Jewish men. ;-p

Another quality I find so attractive in some Jewish men is their penchant for making great music.

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@Brian1946 That music can be just klezmerizing at times!

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Pretty much what @papayalily and @crisw said….I can’t articulate it much more. But I really enjoy being with one.

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I gotta say that I am a bit uncomfortable with this “model minority” discussion about Jews. I suppose that it is 100x better than reading anti-Semitic rants, on the other hand….

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