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How do I litter box train a kitten?

Asked by SuperMouse (30798points) April 12th, 2008

…and what kind of litter should I use?

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When it first arrives home place it in a small room with the litter box. I recommend a bathroom. Keep the kitten in there until it uses the box. Kittens almost naturally will use the box. Once it does it’s business once you should be good to go. If you move the box just be sure to show the kitten where it is by placing him in the box at it’s new location. He will most likely jump out but that is okay you just want him to know where the box is. Good Luck. I have four cats and this is how I trained all of them and I got them as kittens.
*** If you are getting a kitten, I beg of you please do not let it be an indoor/outdoor cat. doing that cuts a cat’s life span by 50%.

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Adina gives a good answer, place them in there, most cats will know instinctively what it’s for. There’s a nifty, really cool nifty, new dome litterbox that I wish I could get my hands on but will have problems because I’m in Europe. It’s available from Amazon, but really, take a look at the rest of this site, it’s packed with super pretty cat items that are design-conscious. From this link, go down to the section titled, What’s In Your Litter Box? and then read the story from as to why you should go natural.

May you enjoy a long and healthy relationship with your furry, little friend.

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I drop them in the box and that’s it.

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