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Is there a standard amount of time in which companies promote new products as being new?

Asked by bobbinhood (5894points) January 26th, 2011

I’m eating some Ben & Jerry’s cinnamon bun ice cream, and I noticed that the container says, “new!” all around the top. However, I know that this flavor has been around for at least two years because I had it for the first time a little over two years ago. To me, a two-year-old product should not be promoted as new. How long do you think it is appropriate for companies to say that their products are new? Is there a normal length of time to which most companies adhere?

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As long as they can get away with?

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New is a buzz word that attracts customer attention. I would think a year would be average. (Are you sure that you are not eating a two-year-old container of ice cream that didn’t sell?)

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@marinelife I certainly hope not! But now I simply must go check… I couldn’t find any sort of date on the container. I am mildly disturbed (not so much that I won’t finish the ice cream, though).

After looking at the container failed to produce the desired information, I decided to check out the flavor section of their website. The one I had is not listed among their new flavors, so apparently they’re not still saying it’s new. Unfortunately, that adds a degree of credence to your speculation. I wonder how many things sit on supermarket shelves far longer than they should?

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It could be that the packaging plant used up containers at hand. Generally businesses launch something as new when they have promotional dollars at stake. It’s generally 3 months. After that, it’s not new again until it’s “New! Improved!”

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That would be logical, but in this case, that would also be a crazy amount of extra packaging. One would hope that someone in the company could handle that particular math problem…

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@bobbinhood (Hangs head) I am sorry, but your post made me laugh.

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@marinelife I was hoping it would be amusing. This calls for a victory dance.

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