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What hand do you prefer?

Asked by coffeenut (6171points) January 26th, 2011

Are you right handed….Left Handed….or ambidextrous?

If you are right or left handed…do you have…limited…moderate….or excellent use of your other hand? Is it limited to certain things?

If you are ambidextrous do you favour one hand over the other? Can you use both at the same time? writing with both hands

I’m ambidextrous I like to write with my right hand, I like to drive with my left hand….even though I can do the same with both…
same wile playing sports, typing, and other things using both at the same time freaks some people out…lol

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I used to write my papers with both hands up until the third grade. My third grade teacher stood over me and whacked me with her ruler every time I tried to switch from right to left hands.

Up until then I had excellent use of both hands for anything I did. There are still some things I do left handed better than right handed. And other things I do better right handed.

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It’s all the right.

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Naturally right handed although I taught my self to write with my left as a kid mainly so I could do mirror writing like da Vinci.

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I am predominantly left-handed. I can only write, draw, eat and put makeup on with my left hand. But I can only use scissors with my right hand. I think that I learned to do that because in school there were only a couple of pairs of left-handed scissors for the whole class so once they were taken you had no choice but to use the right-handed ones. I use scissors a lot too! I’m a designer so I use them to cut fabric all the time and do crafting. I can hand sew with either hand which is convenient because I can sew coming from either direction of the seam. And I can also do one more thing which is really handy. On the computer, I can use the mouse in one hand to navigate menus while using the keyboard or drawing stylus in the other. Other tools like shovels, screwdrivers, etc I can trade on and off but favor my left hand.

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I’m all right. ;)

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I was born a southpaw but I was coerced into becoming an upstairs northpaw. I still kick with my left foot, so now I have what I would call lateral transposition.

At one time I was almost as good at throwing, hitting, or shooting with my left hand as I was with my right.

There are some things that are done ambidextrously by a lot of people, such as typing.

There are others where reverse superiority occurs in certain esoteric situations. E.g., most right-handed string-instrument players are much better at fingering the strings with their left hand.

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Mixed-handed. I favour my right hand for some things, like writing, but my left hand for other tings like brushing my teeth or playing the bass. I am able to write legibly with my left hand, though.

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I’m naturally right-handed, but for some reason when I was about 11 or so, I decided to start doing everything with my left hand. Just for fun, or maybe to see if I could. I tried pretty hard to train myself to be left-handed, and after a while I got pretty close to ambidextrous. Except for writing. I was never very good at writing with my left hand.

Today, I have mostly gone back to being right-handed, except for a few small things. For instance, I hold a fork/spoon with my left hand, I brush my teeth with my left hand, etc.

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I am predominately right-handed, but I cross-train whenever possible. I can’t write with my left hand, but I can do almost everything else with it (often just as well, too). For some reason I’ve always used my left for holding steak knives.

And as crazy as I know this is going to sound, I cook left-handed. Seriously.

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Ambidextrous. I learned to write with my right hand when I was young, but I’ve always been ambidextrous in most other things. When I was a kid, I was a switch-hitter. I eat and drive with either hand, plus I used to play drums. About five years ago, I decided to finally learn to write with my left hand. My left handed writing is neater, though I can’t do it as fast. I still rely on my right for anything that requires a lot of precision and strength, like using an exacto knife. It’s just had more practice.

When I’m learning something new, sometimes I learn slower because I’m not sure what hand to use. I keep switching back and forth, and never mastering with either. That’s what happened with archery and sling shooting. I settled on left for both, but that’s partly because I’m left eye dominant.

@Earthgirl My mom can only use scissors with her left hand. Otherwise, she’s a total righty. She’s also a sewer.

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Is sewer the right word for that? My mom isn’t an underground tunnel of festering waste product. Seamstress feels like it belongs to professionals.

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hobbitsubculture That’s weird about your Mom! Makes you wonder. Right brain, left brain….
I have no problem with the word sewer. I am in the industry. We call the best sewers, those who do the first samples, Samplemakers. They are highly paid versus “operators” who work in a factory. We really don’t use the word seamstress. Seamstress to me denotes a person who does sewing at home versus professionally in a mass production environment. I am sort of down to earth about it. I actually prefer to call myself a clothing designer, versus a “fashion designer”

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I write right handed, play guitar left handed, slalom water ski left legged forward…and there are a few things I am ambidextrous at….I can slap or punch equally well left or right! ;)

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I’m ambisinister. Ambidextrous is an offensive term us lefties.

You know what the word ambidextrous means? Two right hands. You know what the word left means? Broken.

Just saying.

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I prefer… the BIG hand.

Let’s have a big hand for @WasCy.

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Not that I do it anymore, but I can swing a bat or a golf club with either hand.

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@everephebe Ambisinister sounds like it should apply to a multi-faceted supervillain. Its meaning is also more offense against lefties. We should go all PC on everyone’s ass with this one.

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Every word for left in pretty much every language means something awful. And is used as a negative i.e. left out, left behind, left field. Right has positive uses, right? Right is used to mean correct. Upright, righted, righteous, right on, right hand man, or right arm. The world is built by righties for righties. They only stopped beating people for being left handed recently, people still get corrected righted in school. As an upleft citizen I have moral issues with that. For a long time being left handed was as “bad” as being gay.

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Lefties are the minority of minorities and ignored as such. I’ve been discriminated against my whole life and that’s a fact. And I wouldn’t be surprised if I was discriminated against because I said I was discriminated against.

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I’m right-handed but also fairly ambidexterous and above average with my left hand. I can’t write legibly with it and I always hold a knife and fork the same way but I can draw or paint with either hand and do most other things with my left just as well as my right.

My daughter is truly ambidexterous. She’s equally good with either hand. It’s amusing watching her with a knife and fork, she’ll pick them up, swap them over a few times until she decides which is the most comfortable way today.

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I’m ambidextrous while my sisters are a lefty and a righty. My writing, both in cursive and print, is slow and legible with either hand, although I prefer the right since everything is made for right handers and it’s slightly quicker. I also eat, lift, and open things with either hand (I favor my left for typing and my right for using the mouse). I use either for sports, though I recently discovered that I can only bowl a strike with my left (I’m awful with my right). My right side is stronger while my aim and grip are better on the left.

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