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What's the best (and tasteless) multivitamin for a 20 something year old girl?

Asked by SamIAm (8690points) January 26th, 2011

I feel like I never take vitamins when I have them but lately, I’ve been taking Vitamin D everyday and think I need to incorporate a multivitamin.

I don’t want one that tastes/smells gross though… any recommendations?

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Garden of Life Vitamin Code for Multi-Women

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As far as the vitamin D goes, I found out that they have some pretty tasty (made from berries) liquid vitamin D (but you need to keep it refrigerated) you can take it straight or add it to a glass of juice. This is the one I tried.

Make sure that any multi you take is geared for women because it will have more calcium and iron. Here is a site that has some info on liquid multivitamins for women. I’m guessing that the kind that come in the gelcaps would not have that icky smell or taste to them. I’ve never tried any of the liquid multivitamins, but if you go to Whole Foods or a similar store, you can ask how they taste.

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The best multivitamin is a varied diet. People getting normal nutrition do not need multivitamins.

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The only exception to what @crisw says is that sometimes women who menstruate heavily need to take iron supplementation if they’re anemic, and there may be some evidence that supplemental calcium may be beneficial, but I need to check on that.

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Mhm as @Rarebear said, I keep iron around for when I have my period, because I do notice feeling weaker. I also take Vitex, which is a general cycle one.

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@sliceswiththings You only know if you’re anemic if you get a blood test to show if you’re anemic. You don’t just feel weaker.

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true about the anemia..but, a tale tell sign is if ur palms seem paler than usual. Fact is , most women with heavy periods experience anemia. if ur female..try eating higher protien (red meats) before that time of month and during the menstual cycle.

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