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Would you move to another country just because?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7892points) January 27th, 2011

Would you move to another country just for the heck of it? Because you wanted a change from wherever you’ve been living.
Is it even legal to move to another country with no other reason that you just want to?
What country would you move to?

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I don’t know about “just because.” Moving is a big deal. Leaving behind all that you are familiar with can be very stressful.

That said, i would like to move to the South of France. I love the lifestyle, the climate, and the food.

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Just because for love… oh you betcha!

To jolly old England, that is.

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Switzerland. Not just because but because of the Mountains, chocolate and Beer!! Yum!

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I will be. Not “just because”, though.

The reason, to live with my SO. I am a Canuck and will be moving to the States.

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No. “just because”? You move because you have a reason always. Why leave home if you don’t have to? Why would you invest a lot of money to move somewhere else “just because” unless you had a reason. To be closer to family, to start over, etc..

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@Cruiser Yes, I too would move to Switzerland. Also not just because but because 1) I have a lot of family there (I’m swiss). 2) I’d love to hike the Alps a few more times 3) The scenery is breath-taking 4) Chocolate, cheese and beer.

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I’m not sure what qualifies as “Just because” and what qualifies as a real reason.

My goal in life is to move out of the United States. To put it as simply as possible, I want to get out of here because I don’t fit in, in so many ways.
Germany is the most attractive destination to me right now, but that’s definitely not my only option.

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@lovespurple My brother was fortunate to go there and the pics and stories he brought back were quite amazing. It did not take a lot of convincing to believe him when he said it was the most majestic and beautiful place on earth.

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I wouldn’t mind living in the Czech Republic for a while “just because” it’s kind of badass there. I also wouldn’t mind spending a year or two in Sweden or Norway “just because” the women are delicious.

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I’d move to England right now if I could. Why? Just because when I was there, I felt right at home.

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Okay, maybe “just because” was a bad choice of words. My bad.

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I would not move to another country.I like where I am.
I would like to visit a few though. ;)

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Definitely somewhere in Scandinavia (Norway or Sweden) or Hong Kong.
Maybe Russia

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All summer, my plan was to graduate and then haul off to Australia. It wasn’t entirely a “just because” reason (I would have been working toward my MA in Sydney) but the driving force behind my decision to get out of the country was for a change of scenery. There was too much negative energy and I did not feel like staying in California.

But my plans have changed and I’m going to stick around.

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I’d move to Canada just because I know I’d love it there.

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Not while my kids are in the States.

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From experience, I moved from my native country to the U.S. It was all brand new for me but then I got used to it. Today I love visiting my native country but I just cannot live there anymore. I’ve been here for 10 years and I got used to the ways here. I would love to move to Italy, I am not sure just temporarily, but I would love the experience of living in another country. Like someone already said here, moving is a huge step, you have to make sure you know what you are getting into… do you have all your finances in order? Do you know the language and culture? Can you work there? Where are you going to live? Can you overcome homesickness (this for me was the worst part)? So there are many factors to consider, but no doubt it would be an unforgettable experience!

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Yes, I’ve done it before, and had I the resources, I would do it again in a heartbeat. I’ve lived all over Asia, and I’m seriously thinking of relocating to Thailand.

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Not unless I could move my entire extended family with me. I would miss them too much.

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I sort of did. When I was 19 my brother went to Australia and came back saying, you should move there. It’s beautiful and you would love it. I was single at the time, didn’t own property, had a good job but it wasn’t my dream job and basically there was nothing to keep me in the UK. Ended up taking me two years to be able to emigrate and I figured, if I hate it, I can come back. I didn’t hate it and I now live in Australia.

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I’d move out of the country I’m in without any issue – not sure about the “just because” part but I’d love to live in Mexico because each time I’ve been I really connected with the land and the people and the energy of it.

I’d also like to live in Switzerland – I hear Geneva is quite dog/pet friendly and has great public transportation systems which can’t be said of many cities here in the US & as @Cruiser & @lovespurple mentioned there is the Cheese, Mountains, Chocolate and Beer. Who could pass those lovely perks up? Perhaps Zurich too – I have always enjoyed the vibe of the people I’ve met from Zurich.

I basically think I’d enjoy any place that was warmer and cheaper than the US without much issue around safety/danger etc. though hence my attraction to Mexico/Panama/Parts of India etc. that pop into my mind.

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