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How old were you when you lost your virginity, and do you wish you'd waited?

Asked by stevenb (3831points) April 12th, 2008 from iPhone

How old were you, did you do it by choice or pressure, and do you regret it or wish you’d waited. Also, was the other person younger or older?

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I was 17. I think that was the perfect time for me. The girl, also a virgin, was 16. I was at friend’s house upstairs and I remember walking down to where everyone was with a permanent smile, that lasted for about a day. I’m totally not kidding. I could not get rid of this smile. Scarce to say, they gave me a hard time.

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Still haven’t.
I was just talking with a friend about this, she has lost hers and it was by pressure, she regrets it entirely.

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I was 17 and she was born about six months earlier than I was. We were both virgins at the time. We had been dating for about six months and I was told by her best friend that she wanted to. It was actually a nice situation. I wouldn’t have done things differently.

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my first time i was 14! i totally would take it back it i could!!!!! i have never told anyone about it!!! i actually like to think my second time as my first because it was more enjoyable and i was willing this time!! my first time i was 14 and he was 15 (and was not a virgin!!) the secong time it was the day of my 16th birthday with a guy who was turning 18 in a month!!! hahaha

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I was 14 and i’m now 17. I don’t regret anything so I would not take it back. It was part of my growth, I learned from it.

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Now I don’t know if I should say my age. It is pretty sad and embarassing. Not to mention disturbing.

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I was 18 and he is still one of my best friends

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@steveb- why? old or young?

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Way way way too young.

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18. I waited, as did my boyfriend, until we were both 18 and could bear the responsibility of making an adult decision if the unthinkable should occur. We also had been dating for a couple of years at the time, which made the decision okay as well.

I don’t regret it at all. I think it was one of the best decisions that i’ve ever made.

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14. Why regret anything in life?

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Most of you sound very responsible about it. I had older brothers “helping” me out. Way worse than peer pressure.

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Still havent. Hopeless romantic waiting on love.

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Irish that sweet :)

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What the hey…..I was 9, she was just barely older and my best friends sister. I don’t really know why, other than she asked me to, and brothers of mine had been telling me I should. Her idea, and we were friends for years after, then lost touch. Wish I would have waited though. At least till I understood. I wasn’t her first either. That didnt bug me till I thought about it later.

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@stevenb wow!!!!!

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Could you even…?

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I so appreciate the honesty here.
Regardless of the content of what is said – that is such a great thing about this site.

@stevenb, Damn! What did you learn from that experience?

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not to listen to others so much. I think about it and think….. Eeeeewwwwww. It kind of grosses me out. Always listen to the little voice inside you that says “this may not be a good idea”.

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Oh, and yes you could.

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“I was 17 and she was born about six months earlier” ,
I actually read this about 6 times before i read the rest…

I’m 16 and still haven’t; not really looking to either. I’m wanting to wait till marriage, because I have a feeling I’ll suck at it, and being a virgin on my wedding night would be a good excuse.

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fourteen,I wish I would have waited. He was sixteen and we were both virgins, also my first “real” relationship.

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That was worded funny. It should have been “I was 17 and she was born about six months earlier then I was.”

I was a young 17 and she was a old 16. That was what I was shooting for.

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@stevenb, what did you mean, “Oh, and yes you could?”

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I was almost 22 because I was a good Catholic boy. When I was 16, my 15 year old girlfriend practically begged me for it, but I was too moral. When I left for college (and moved out of town), she screwed or messed around with a few of my HS friends and a bunch of guys from her college. Just last month, I found out that she passed away a year and a half ago (from a medication reaction) at age 31. Obviously, we had lost touch, and I don’t mean at all to be morbid, but I’ve long regretted not sleeping with her. She was super hot, and at the time, it could have been a near everyday thing.

I had at least two other relationship-based missed opportunities that I deeply regret not having taken.

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15 and no regrets as I was actually in love with the guy. I consider myself lucky for that.

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I wish i waited I was 14 at the time the guy was twice my age I did it to impress him. I still don’t like to remember it as a first time it was painful seems to last forever it hurts for about two weeks afterwards.

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Seventeen. She was nineteen. Best four seconds of my life!

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Still waiting. Glad that I did.

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During College. It wasn’t something that had to be done or anything but a natural process of extending our relationship. We were both virgins which was a mix blessing ie first time for both of us but also meaning that we didn’t know what we were doing. No regrets.

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I was 16, she was 15. I tell myself now and days to not do anything I would regret, but as a young person, the pressure was on. It was a learning experience but there are times when I wish I would have waited for the girl that is meant to be mine. I still occasionally have sex with women that i know I have no future with, which I have no excuse for other than the pleasant experience I receive from it. I will never be able to explain myself to my true love on this scenario other than what I described above. All in all, I wish I would have saved myself for my true love. Whoever she may be, she deserves nothing but the best and greatest.

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I don’t think I will- I never had a girlfriend.

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We were both 16, but he wasn’t gay and it ultimately ended our friendship. While I don’t regret losing it to him I genuinely wish he could have realized that I could easily be his friend forever. John (not Powell) I miss ya man.

P.S. No he was not drunk, Powell was though. :)

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@Trustinglife, peedub asked if at 9 “could you even?” I am assuming the big “O”, and to answer him, yes I could. That’s all.

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15. That was a little too early, I think. But I don’t regret it because it shaped me as a person and also scared the shit out of me so that I didn’t do it again until I was 18.

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I was only 15 too He was 16 and a moron. And like Emily it scared the crap out of me. On the other hand, my SO was 44. I took his virginity. He said he waited all his life just for me! BTW, he hated the movie 40 year old virgin, ha ha!

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both 17, first loves, absolutely perfect.

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Don’t you mean “than” instead of “then”?

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Well I still am ( I’m 18) and I don’t regret it at all. I could have easily lost it to my first real girlfriend at 15 as she practically begged me to but I want it to be special and I knew we weren’t right for each other, nor were we really in love. Now she does all kinds of crap with her boyfriend and other random people (orgys) and she had pretty much fucked up her life with drugs so I’m very glad we never did. Plus I believe that at such a young age you aren’t really ready for the potential consequences of sex.

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14, by choice with a 17yr old HS boyfriend (first love). Sometimes I wish I’d have waited longer. It makes me curious to think how my life would have been different if that one decision were altered. You know, one of the standard daydream sessions, like “What if I hadn’t lived overseas for a year after High School?” It’s all part of the “Where Would I Be Right Now?” Game. But, I’ve always been one of those people who believes that regretting any one moment in your past means not truly being happy with who you are and where you’re at in your life. So, no. I don’t regret it. Everyone’s path calls for different decisions and beliefs, though. I do promote “waiting” for young people today. It seems like things are happening earlier and earlier, and there were plenty of other kids at the time who didn’t dodge the bullet and ended up being young parents. As a mother of two in my late twenties, I know how difficult parenting can be and can’t imagine how I would have delt with being a teenage mother. Being a parent is incredibly fulfilling and amazing, but it’s also a demanding job and hard enough when you’re “ready”.

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I was not quite 15, it hurt, and it didn’t get truly enjoyable for weeks. I had an extremely overbearing mother – I didn’t drink, do drugs, party – nothing. This was my way of secretly acting out against her. It was the wrong reason, the wrong time and in hindsight, I wish I had waited.

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18, and was the perfect age for me. The girl coincidentally was 18 as well and had slept with 17 guys before me…which made me #18…how funny was that. Needless to say, she was experienced enough to make me feel completely comfortable.

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I was 14, and as much as i wanted it, i wish would have waited till someone a lot better. It was a relief that we both were virgins, and we both didn’t know all that much, but we made it work and it wasn’t that bad. I also think that it made me the lovable guy i am today with girls. Learning from a young age about those feelings helped later on with other GF’s.

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I think I got the same empathy from bieng nine. It made me feel more for women. I have always felt more protective and loving I think because of that.

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14 to someone 17, it was a learning experience for me, lets say I was an experiment for her. It was something I don’t regret but wish I waited to share with someone else.

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I was 16 and I have No regrets. It was to the love of my life. that is the only person to whom still to this day, i’d drop everything to be with. it may seem odd but we’ve always had a special relationship even when we weren’t together. we are still friends to this day and always will be even though we won’t get back together again.

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I was 16 and she was 18. AWWW YEAH! older women rock.

Also she was my best friends sister, and we did it in a tent next to his at a music festival. lol

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my friend Johnny took me to a nearby town and I met a very sweet professional initiator.

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I was 13 years old, and my first sexual partner was in his 20’s. I do not, and have never for a moment, regretted it. I was the one who initiated the sexual encounter. I wanted to lose my virginity at that moment, and to that person, and nothing was going to deter me.

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