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Do you know any cool songs with some badass harmonica in them?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21638points) January 27th, 2011

I answered a question earlier on music, and since then I have been on youtube browsing some songs.

A song I really like is called “Vaya Dia Jeremias” by los porretas. You can hear it here if you want. At about 2:30 in to the video there is a great bit of harmonica playing, I really like harmonica in rock, it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.

Do you know any other songs, with some real good goosebump inducing harmonica playing?

It can be from any style of music, but I would preffer rock, or something with a faster beat.

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Piano Man!?!?

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Sorry, I only saw the faster beat bit now!!!!!!

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@ZEPHYRA No problem, thats just preffrence, its all good.

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I’ve always liked the harmonica solo in The Romantics “That’s What I Like About You”.

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BB King – Riding with a king!

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Stand is pretty hot. so is the opening here on Fallible finish off with the Groove
Blues traveler is about as crazy as it gets!

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The Legendary Shackshakers – Help Me

The blues are so sexy.

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This one came to mind. ;)

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Much of Bob Dylan but particularly “Mr. Tamborine Man.”

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Neil Young Heart of Gold was the first song that came to my head.

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This is the first song that came to mind.

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The Waifs are great! Australian folk rock group. I saw them open for Bob Dylan. I couldn’t find the best song with harmonica which is Flesh and Blood. But this one shows some of what Donna can do. She can really wail on that harmonica.

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Whammer Jammer on the J. Geils Band live album “Full House”. The harmonica player is bandmember Richard “Magic Dick” Salwitz and he is incredibly good.

Whammer Jammer

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Can’t think of anything with a faster beat. When I think of harmonica, I think of Neil Young and Bob Dylan.

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i don’t think i saw “stevie wonder” anywhere in this thread, but yeah, um, stevie wonder—hands down. his first harmonica entree: “fingertips.”

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Seven minutes of pure awesome, right here.

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check out “isn’t she lovely” off the “keys in the song of life” by stevie—his greatest compilation back in the 70s. his harmonica keeps showing up in many songs after this album, but he can play!

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I’m kind of a fan of Kim Wilson from/and the Fabulous Thunderbirds and so here’s just a little bit of his awesomeness.

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If you can get your hands stuff by a contemporary blues band called “The Plantation Allstars” their lead singer/harmonica player is just solid. Listen to Messin’ with the Kid at about 1:30.

“Christmas Blues” by Eric Clapton and John Popper off of the Very Special Christmas- Live from Washington, D.C. album also rocks.

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Run Around by Blues Traveler.

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Jimmie G & The Capitols
That’s my friend Roger on harmonica and my friend James on guitar.

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Several years back, James Cotton came out with an LP that knocked my socks off. The music is great. The drummer is grade A and James Cotton blows the wind out of his harmonica.

Its worth a listen on Youtube.

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James Cotton and Rocket 88.

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Miss You – The Stones

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The end of the live version of Baba O’Riley has quite a harmonica outro. Fast paced, too.

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@john65pennington Awesome answer! I was thinking of him and trying to remember that name so I could put it up!!

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Yes, every once in a while, I too forget that you, @john65pennington, are truly awesome and then you pop up with an answer like this. Rocket 88, one of my absolute. all time favorite songs of all time!!! And, yes, James Cotton! Go @john65pennington!

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