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What is a realistic (and healthy) goal/week as far as weight loss goes?

Asked by Jude (32126points) January 27th, 2011

I would like to lose 10 lbs and tone up a bit more.

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2 lbs a week weight loss is considered pretty safe and realistic (per Weight Watchers etc).

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I’d say 1–2 lbs/week.

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Can I ask why you’re viewing this as “I’d like to lose 10 lbs” instead of “I’d like to reduce my body fat % from 28% to 24%”?

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I hear ya.

Man, I should have put this in general.

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2 pounds a week is a good goal.Alittle over a month and you are good to go!
Do cardio everyday and weights 6 times a week.You will be a mini-monster! :)

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Wii Fit says 3.1 lbs a week is healthy.

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It depends on your starting point. If you weigh 130 and are trying to get to 120, it may take you longer than if you’re 150 and tryng to get to 140. Your body has a weight set point, and if you’re small to begin with, .5 lbs a week may be more realistic.

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@BarnacleBill Good point. Thank-you.

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It’s also possible to gain weight because of weight training, but lose inches. If you’re small to begin with (130 or less), I would focus on body measurements and not weight. People don’t see the scales; they see the fit of your clothing.

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I agree with BarnacleBill. Toning up may require you to actually gain a few pounds. No biggie as long as it’s muscle (which burns more calories than fat). If all you gotta lose is 10lbs, then you should be set in 1–2 months. If you’re not already doing so, start running 1 mile a day. Just 1 pathetic mile can make a big difference.

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Personally I really like walking and yoga. Find something physical you enjoy doing, could be blacksmithing, or remodeling your house.

Eat food, the real stuff. Eat in smaller portions, and with diversity. Drink plenty of fluids. Cook, make love, laugh. Forget about numbers. When you look and feel good keep it up, stay the same.

That’s my $0.02.

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With proper exercise and dieting you can lose up to 2lbs a day. You need dedication and need to do a lot of studying about food and how many calories you burn a day. there are simple formulas out there they say if you don’t work out you times your goal weight by 10 and that’s the calories you should consume but it should be taken by 6 small meals a day. If you do work out however you need the protein for your body weight plus 14x your goal weight. It’s all in how and what you want for yourself. Id say that 2lbs a day is a healthy goal. If you want results you need to study. If you need anymore help please feel free to hit me up.

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