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Trace a prank caller?

Asked by lov3xDrnk (239points) January 27th, 2011

I recently got a call from Yellowstone (I’m in CA) saying in a scratchy voice that I was going to die soon. I suspect a prank caller but I called back and it said this number is no longer in service. I need an effective way to trace the person calling me, absolutely free of charge. None of those “free” sites that let you do it, then make you pay for the full info.

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I’d contact the police, they might be able to trace it with more effective tools than what you’ll find online. If it’s across state lines it might be an FBI thing. I’d take it seriously, if only to make sure that the POS who did it (even if he meant it as a joke) will get in some serious trouble.

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Check your phone book for the Call Trace feature. In my area it is *64

After you hang up from the call, wait for a dial tone and the dial the code (*64)
Listen for message that states “Call Tracing has been successfully activated” or that “The call is outside the service area.”
Record the date and time
Then call the provided customer service number.
If life threatening then call law enforcement.

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