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Whats the best way to get rid of a mouse in the house?

Asked by syntak (275points) April 12th, 2008
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Smoke it out.

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I’m not one who’s too keen on killing. So here’s an environmental alternative for you.

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get a snake, let it find the mouse.
then get a mongoose to take care of the snake.
then a wolf to take care of the mongoose.
it’ll be fun, i promise.

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lol @skwerl88 sounded fun here. have you asked it to leave? j/k of course.

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just don’t use those horrible sticky inhumane traps, that they stay glue onto for days… And slowly die. Its so sad!! :(
I’ve got a cat. She catches them for me as a peace offering.

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A cat is a great way to go. They have such amazingly acute senses. Not to mention that there are millions of poor cats that need homes in America.

My cat was adopted from the SPCA, and he’s pretty much my best friend. And I’ve never had a mouse in my place. Any flies or moths that make their way are sealing their fate as well.

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Get a cat. Second best: get traps, just don’t use poison because you might hurt cats and other animals

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The old tried, true and cheap mouse trap

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depends if its a field mice or house mice or really a rat. If field mice they only eat your fruits and other natural stuff so if you set a trap use fruits as bait. If its the other two almost anything will work. It might be worthwhile to investigate how they got in. Sometimes you might have a crack in walls etc. Do not use the glue paper trap because its inhumane. Last time we tried using one the mouse left its foot on it and it died days later inside the wall leaving an awful stench we could not get rid off. A cat or a traditional trap will do the trick.

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Cat or mouse traps. Best/fastest way to go.

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You asked about “a mouse”. I’m guessing there are more than one…I am on a quest today to find out just how as @LuckVIII suggested, how the critters are getting in my place. They have found a way into the kitchen island. And visit the spice drawer. Our cat can’t get into the island, and fortunatly the mice can’t explore any farther…This means a trip under the house….

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get the sticky mouse traps and just lay them out everywhere but make sure you dont step on them!

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