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Is using ASP.NET MVC always better and faster than old ASP.NET web forms?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1911points) January 27th, 2011

I am going to start a new web project for Cell phones at my work and I wonder if using MVC will be better. We did old project with web forms but the application runs so slow on mobile.

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MVC will generally be a better approach but be wary of making blanket statements. Depending on the complexity of the application, you may find that web forms suit your needs. I’m a fan of building fast, reliable applications so I might start with MVC and if I felt it was becoming too mundane, go with a simpler approach which could be web forms. Many people will tell you that there’s only one way to do things but the best solution is the one that produces the fastest, most reliable and most scalable application. You have to be able to see the big picture as well as the foundational principles at hand. Also keep in mind…often times the best solution uses the technology you know best. The end user won’t know the difference and won’t be swayed by some pedagogical definition of “best practices”. In the end…it just has to work.

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