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If there is anything you wish your bank checking account could do what will it be?

Asked by luke101 (49points) January 28th, 2011

-If there is anything you wish your bank checking account could do what will it be.
-What would be your most wanted feature in a checking account

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Welcome to the collective.

Not charge me fees.

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Able to multiply itself and grow little dollars.

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I’m actually very satisfied with my Wachivia account. They don’t charge me fees, the online tools are pretty solid, Mac friendly, and the free bill pay feature is a fantastic way to keep bills paid on time, without much hassle. I guess if I had to change one thing, it would be related to improving how overdraft protection works. The repayment to the bank should be more automatic.

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Automatically self-replenishing!

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When I go into the Bill Payment section of my account, it shows me a listing of paid items and future items.

The future items get listed out for a month or so. And there’s a total dollar amount shown at the end of that list. Of course, since that total is for over a month of future activity, the amount displayed is frequently more than I have in the current balance. That’s because future deposits are unknown.

So here’s what I’d like: show me the list of future payments, but at the point in the list when the total exceeds my current balance, show the remaining items in red – or otherwise make some differentiation (bold, background color, something).

You see, I do know when my paycheck deposits will come in. So if the list of future payments turns red before my next expected paycheck, I know I’ve got to move some money around so as not to go under.

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I never see my checking account. I do everything through quicken, which, should be more flexible in terms of setting up accounts. I haven’t set foot in a bank in years. I just use cash machines which are usually outdoors.

It might be useful to have an app that would allow me to see my balances on the go. Or transfer money directly to a vendor. Yeah. That would be real cool. No cash. No credit card. Just my phone. And a password, of course.

Other than that—what @Austinlad said!

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@wundayatta, two of the banks I do business with offer native iPhone apps to access account information, pay bills, even transfer funds between accounts. One of those banks even provides a service by which I can use the electronic bill pay to send a personal check to an individual.

I gotta think the big players would offer Android-based apps as well.

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