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What is your look?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) January 28th, 2011

What is it about that look that you feel expresses you? Is there some kind of attitude? Some kind of group identification? A way of being different or unique? Some way of presenting yourself to the world so people will know who you are? Or is it just the opposite—a way of hiding who you really are?

This isn’t necessarily about what you look like today, or even most days. I’m wondering what your chosen look is. So when you want to look the way you feel you should look, what do you look like? A link to a photo of the look would be really helpful.

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My look is “stuck in the 80s”... kind of sad. Still hoping long hair comes back into fashion one of these days.

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I don’t try to look a certain way on purpose. I am what i am. I believe what others will take away from my appearance is practicality.You ain’t gettin a picture

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My look is WYSIWYG. I have never felt the need to hide behind clothes or attitude. I have nothing to prove and no need to try and convince people otherwise. I have always tried to be showered and presentable by 10:30 on weekend mornings!

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Casual/comfortable. Jeans, sweatshirts, shorts, tshirts, tank tops, sundresses, flip flops (during the warmer months) hair down with a ponytail holder around my wrist. I want to be ready to go hiking, play in the park or fishing in a moments notice.

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I wear what I like, and I don’t worry about whether it’s “cool” or not. I don’t know what I’d call my look – but I think my original avatar probably sums me up the best.

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College kid. Layers, school t-shirts, jeans, white shoes, hair not really ever combed, and kinda preppy.

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My look is generally laid back with not too much effort going into it. I have this pair of black levis that I wear almost every day….I have trouble finding pants that fit perfectly and these do and I love them so yeah! But it’s also whatever is fun and whatever I feel like wearing….right now I am wearing black tights with leg warmers and neon pink shorts hiked up super high and a black/purple/pink tiedye shirt with a carnival scene on it that you can barely see. So I really don’t know where that puts me lol.

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Jeans, collared shirt and sweater or hoodie for every day; corduroys and boots for dress-up. My designer? L.L. Bean.

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I wear what I call “liberal arts college student” clothes. That is, what’s comfortable and casual, but maybe slightly artsy. Flow-ey plaid shirts that sort of look like dresses, jeans, Converses, sometimes a sweater over the top, etc. It’s stuff that I like to wear, but found out later that it was considered “cool”. Oh, and lots of school shirts/sweatshirts as well. Basically I wear whatever I throw on so I can get to class on time.

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I used to, but no longer rely on outward adornment to individualize myself. I wear comfortable, low-maintenance clothes, no jewelry, have no tattoos (and never plan on getting one), etc. I don’t want to be remembered for outward things. I don’t understand the mentality of fashion-obsessed people; it’s like they are from another planet.

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Laid back at home (yoga pants, t-shirts, toe socks), but, I dress up for work (skirts, dress pants, boots, heels and blouses or dress shirts).

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A boring look: black slacks, New Balance 993 walking shoes, (Teva brown leather sandals in summer), golf shirt, nice jewelry , hair as nice as I can make it look, blush, lipliner, lipstick. No florals. lol
Emphasis on comfort.

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I like classic,tailored clothes.If I could,I would buy most of my clothing from the Ralph Lauren Black Label line.

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I usually give the impression of a college student, which leads people to believe I am older than all my siblings, although I am the youngest. The oldest sibling in my family is 35.
I’m quiet, and I usually dress casually with jeans and a simple T-shirt or a turtleneck. Sneakers are my main footwear.

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I always have my very long nails painted… would feel undressed without this…
As for my clothes I suppose I tend to go for the casual classic look except when going somewhere special, then on go the heels, a party dress and makeup to suit the occasion.

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Walk into Kohl’s or pick up a Chadwick’s catalogue. There you have it. Boring but clean.

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I didn’t choose my look. My look chose me. My look is that of a gray fox. I’m old, gray haired, wiry and athletic.

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Whatever’s clean. Unless I have a business meeting. Then I suit up.

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“Inobtrusive” would probably be the best descriptor. I always avoid bright colors or off-beat styles. My glasses are rimless, barely visible really. I have no tattoos, wear no jewelry. My hair is cropped very short.

My clothes are a kind of social camouflage, I guess, which actually says a great deal. It’s not that I want to disguise some inner me, or appear to be something I’m not. I’m not trying to make any kind of statement or send any signals, but that no-signal is its own kind of signal. I prefer anonymity. I don’t enjoy being in the spotlight. I see way too much ambiguity and nuance in myself to be able to sum it up in a look, so I take the opposite tack. I find the idea of someone glancing at me and identifying me with some particular ideology or lifestyle kind of laughable.

And it’s not that I want to be left alone. It’s more that I want to blend in.

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Strictly casual. Only thing I’d put a tie on for anymore is a wedding !!!

Or, I guess, a funeral

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@erichw1504 All I can say is, ahahahahaha. Funny. :)

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@Austinlad – If you come to my funeral you can leave your tie at home. Strictly casual.

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I love vintage…so, I blend current and old, which represents my thinking as well. I take what feels comfortable about the past and pair it with my thoughts about where I am now. It works for me.

Blending textiles, jewelry and all to adorn who you are is fun, most days! I’m not so fast to clear out the closets, so my favorites and brought forward and updated.

Realize that you can always make something new out of something old…just like with the many parts of yourself.

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@tedibear, I’d rather YOU come to my wedding. ;-)

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When I was in my twenties, my look was hippy/deadhead with loooong hair, jeans or fatigues, tie-dye shirts. In my thirties I was conservative adult, with short hair, button down shirts, slacks. Now in my forties I am going for the artsy collegiate look; long hair, but not on the shoulder, sweaters, casual.

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Oh, hipster-y, I suppose. I shop at thrift stores. I have a lot of vintage pieces. I’ll wear band tees with plaid skirts and kicks, that sort of thing, although I have a large collection of Lacoste polo shirts I’ve amassed over the years that now I’ll wear with skinny jeans and Doc Martens and a sweater and a long scarf (no, not Tom Baker long).

If absolutely necessary, I have “office wear” and other “adult” clothes for fancy functions, but I think it’s obvious that I look uncomfortable wearing them. Just think of me and a few levels shy on Helena Bonham-Carter’s dress sense. I’m not quite as wacky.

My hair’s always been long, but it could use a trim.

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I buy my clothes at American Apparel and Urban Outfitters because they fit. So maybe ‘thoughtless hipster automaton’ w/r/t to clothing, although my lifestyle is not like that. I.e. not hipster.

My clothes don’t really say anything about who I am and I want it to stay that way.

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During the winter I am usually in jeans and preppy-ish sweaters. I wear low heeled black boots over my jeans whilst outside.

In summer I favour 50s inspired skirts, shorts, tank tops and short sleeved sweaters.

I would say my style is more a classic style.

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I wear what I think I look good in, and what I think I look good in happens to reflect my personality.

This is how I typically look/dress in the summer. (I’m the guy in the middle).

My winter garb is more muted. I like wearing vintage military jackets because they are high-quality, warm, and I like the way they look badass.

And this is me when I’m chillaxin’. Make of that what you will.

Some people have said I’m a hipster before, which is horseshit because I wear what I wear because I genuinely enjoy it, and not with some undertone of irony or trendiness.

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Skinny jeans FTW! All week long! Short shirts with leggings and tights FTW all week long!
Military boots and UGG’s on cold days. Lots of layers. Cardigans.

My look is easy, comfy and edgy I think.

I usually just wear what ever I desire.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard look at your winter garb you little fashionista you!

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@deni, I like to terrorize and pillage the wilderness in style.

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At home? Sweats, pajamas… I usually match, and they are always clean. I am just all about comfort.
When I’m not at home I think that I have a classic, feminine, conservative style. I wear a lot of dresses and skirts, button down blouses, sweaters, I have a tiny obsession with argyle. My winter wardrobe consists of mostly black and gray items, although I like navy blue and that military khaki green, as well.
In the summer I hear I look like a “flower child.” Lots of loose fitting, bright colorful skirts and shirts, belts, barefoot 99% of the time. I usually wear minimal jewelry, natural makeup… that goes for any season.

I’m not sure where exactly that puts my “look.”

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@TheOnlyNeffie, I’m not sure where exactly that puts my “look.”

I think that puts your look somewhere between “hot” and “schmexy.”

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I have a couple of looks. When I am at work, I play business casual femme (to blend in and to be left alone) – long cardigans, black pants, flats and some jewelry. When I’m at tango, I play sexed-up femme (because it’s fun and I perform it well) so a lot of cropped tights, short skirts and shirts showing off my breasts or back tattoo and I put on make-up which is unusual for me. In my actual look (one that represents me), I wear loose clothing: men’s jeans, men’s shirts, yoga clothing, sneakers or flip flops, nothing fancy. My hair has been through many changes: from long to dreads to cropped and it’s been many colors. I like to change my look, I suppose through my hair. The only thing on my body that is representative of who I am are my tattoos and my piercings and I don’t get them for other people or to show off, whatever people may say. I love body modification and I’ve always been this way. I refuse to make changes to myself physically in order to be perceived as gender non conforming (whatever people perceive that as) because it’s not about other people, it’s about how I feel on the inside. So yeah, they get surprised when I tell them I’m queer and GNC because they think I’m the “quiet nice girl” or somehow passive – that’s before I open my mouth on issues I feel strongly about.

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Last year somebody labelled me “flannel grunge hippie”.

This pretty much. Only without the wellies and the tractor.

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@Austinlad – Get married and I’ll be there! Hell, I’ll even make your cake!

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I don’t really have a “look”.

I wear practical clothing that more often than not consists of jeans and either a long sleeved shirt or sweater during the colder months or a short sleeved “golf” type shirt during the hotter months. Usually tennis shoes because if I go to the gym it is easier to wear them to work than it is to carry them separately.

I do not have facial hair, but only because every time I have tried to grow a beard I look like I have mange (probably that native American blood). I wear my hair in a pony tail that I tuck town the back of my shirt. I do this not because it is some sort of fashion statement, but rather because I never found a hair style that worked for me and tucking it in in the back gives me an acceptable professional look without having to waste time at a barber every couple of months. When it starts looking like a comb over, I go to the next step, the razor.

They say you can tell everything you need to know about a man from his watch, his shoes and his wife.

Watch – none (except the one that came with the polar heart monitor I wear at the gym)
Shoes – tennis shoes mostly, boots on occasion
Wife – a total hottie with both brains and character (I am a lucky man)

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I suppose I most closely resemble the “preppy” look as I do think that is what looks best, on other people and on me. But there is no one label that describes my entire look. I wear polo shirts sometimes, but usually I just wear shirts from places like Pac Sun or the three A’s (Aeropostale, American Eagle, Abercrombie) and my shoes are usually Vans, jeans can be from any place as long as they’re slim enough without being “skinny jeans”. It’s a good look. :)

Today I’m wearing a long sleeve shirt over a white undershirt, standard blue jeans, and Vans. It’s nothing remarkable and I’m not really trying to be anything. :\

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On a typical day I have a jeans, sneakers/flip flops, girlie top (usually not a t-shirt) kind of a look, but I like to dress up occasionally and then I wear dresses, make-up and heels.

I do have tattoos, and even though I didn’t get them because I want to present myself to the world in a certain way, people always seem to think I did. I never try to hide them (except for certain jobs), but I don’t think they add to my look so much as add to what people want to assume about me.

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Is “whatever falls out of the wardrobe first” a look?

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I wear whatever I want. I live to be confortable. I’m known to wear my fiancée clothes, because they’re comfortable. I also love to wear pajamas on days I have nowhere to go.
But if I had to say what style I wear, I will call it “uniquely me.”

I use to hide myself from the world with clothes, but now I embrace myself. I am happy with who I am, and the hard work it took me to get to that point.

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This is another area where my inside doesn’t match my outside. Running problem in my life that I’ve yet to figure out how to solve. When I’m heavier, my body shape is weird, so I go for comfort over any particular style. Pretty casual and apparently young-looking, I believe this contributes to people thinking I’m in my early-to-mid-20’s.

When I’m thinner and can fit into things the way I want, I do have a personal style, but what that is, I have no idea what you would call it. I just wear pieces that appeal to me and which feel good while worn. Women’s clothes actually fit me when I’m thinner, so I can add women’s clothes into the mix. Kind of a tomboy chic, if you will.. nothing super feminine or super boyish, but with a blend of both, which matches me pretty well.

Generally, I dress to not make much of a statement.. I like earth colors and I’m a huge fan of black. I find it really difficult to wear red, orange, or yellow.. makes me feel like a highlighter or something.

Also, there are things that I would love to wear if I had a different body shape and could pull it off.. like chokers, some goth-y or period-looking pieces, the whole knee-high boot and skirt combo thing, which I think is amazingly hot, etc.

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Mostly Smiley and kinda cute IMHO.:D
It’s the only opinion that counts.

Seelix's avatar

@AmWiser – Count mine too, ‘cause you’re definitely a cutie :)

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My look is LL Bean.

cubozoa's avatar

@janbb and @ram201pa Can one of you explain to me who LL Bean is?

AmWiser's avatar

@Seelix Awww! Thank you. And yes you are too (love that red in your hair) and thanks for the idea to post my pic without it being an avatar;-)

@cubozoa LLBean Quality clothing for the family

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I end up buying a lot of military surplus stuff, otherwise stuff that looks like it would be. I like to have durable clothes with lots of pockets, particularly when working as a wilderness skills instructor. I’m also kinda scruffy, and have a beard that I usually keep trim. Lots of people think I’m kind of a hippie and/or bohemian. So I guess the look would be something akin to “beatnik commando”, as strange as that might be. I don’t know how that will change when I get my traditional tattoos.

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I’ don’t define myself by how I look. My wife and her family buys most of my clothes (christmas/birthday), which are mainly plaid button-down shirts and beige khakis. On the weekends I will wear jeans and a sweater or sweatshirt. I was never much of a clothes person, I don’t remember the last time I picked something out for myself. That said, I do like my wardrobe. When I was younger and I bought my own clothes my look was barfly lol.

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I usually wear leggings, with a long top or a skirt, boots, nice colours. I am into clothes, just being a student I can’t afford to splash out very often. I’m trapped between the decision of weather to buy expensive long lasting cloths, or cheap clothes that will be ruined in a few weeks. I try to find a happy medium.

YARNLADY's avatar

T-Shirts and elastic waist bands – comfort all the way.

Rarebear's avatar

<—I look more or less like this. What you see is what you get.

SmashTheState's avatar

I recently got to hear the description the police keep of me when a cop used his walkie talkie to call for a physical ID on me: I wear all black, black jeans, a black mesh vest (actually a SWAT tactical vest), and a black military cap with an anti-cop button on it. (The cap actually has quite a number of different buttons and patches on it, ranging from a big circle-A to an “ARM THE HOMELESS” button, but the cops for some reason only seem interested in my anti-cop pin…) In the winter I wear a big black oilskin trenchcoat. I also sport mirrored aviator shades.

Oh, and I have a glorious Kropotkinesque beard, as you can see from my avatar.

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Well, it certainly saves time when trying to match clothes. Einstein reportedly had dozens of the same suit so he wouldn’t have to think about it.

I went a slightly more complicated route. All my clothes basically match. They’re all just a few colors. Lots of black and green, some blue and brown.

My patches and buttons don’t sound quite as interesting as those sported by @SmashTheState, but pretty close.

cookieman's avatar

I call it “Underslept Annoyed Mobster”.

Bags under my tired bloodshot eyes. Black or charcoal dress clothes; Black overcoat with scarf, gloves and (often backwards) scali cap. Add permanent scowl and stir.

Facade's avatar

Quality is very important to me, and I try to embody that characteristic in my look no matter what the occasion.

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I love living in the tropics, dressed up is a sleeveless silk shirtwaist dress cinched at the waist with matching fabric. I have a linen jean jacket that looks good with almost anything. Board shorts or linen shorts, usually some sort of shirt with a collar or just a tank top. I hate sandals, I am always stubbing my toe so I usually wear running shoes or keen water shoes. When I lived in the real world of business I had to dress appropriately, now frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!

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I’m told I am the sexy librarian or sexy schoolteacher by day. On my own time then I’m whatever I want to be depending on where I want to go. I like to be elegant and polished at most times when I’m not in jeans, boots and a t-shirt.

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It’s hard to put a label on it but I would say that I have 3 modes.
It’s either tailored but sexy, sort of a boy-girl look. I love vests and skinny jeans and boots.
Or it’s something elegant and simple with an interesting style detail or cut.

Or lastly, near and dear to my heart, a sort of nouveau folk-bohemian look. Not sloppy and hippy like but with embroidered details, fur trim etc. For jewelry I favor glass beads and semi-precious stones or something handcrafted and unique looking.
Couldn’t find any perfect pictures but these will give you an idea.

FutureMemory's avatar

Bizarre skateboarder/1%‘er hybrid.

I’m a big long haired dude, kinda mean looking. I wouldn’t be caught dead in anything other than Vans skate shoes (with medium length white cotton socks, always pulled up tightly – I would rather die than wear those little ankle length socks!), and my baggy pants/shorts.

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Classic with an edge. I always seem to have 60’s hair. For years I had a Bridget Bardot thing going with my hair and make-up. Now I have more of a Jackie-O brunette do. I guess I’m inspired alot by the sixties. I love jewelry, and when it comes to clothes it has to call to me. I like tailored cuts and girly girl stuff. I don’t shy away from sparkles or bright colors. I don’t over did it though. I know, I’m not tacky. I’m inspired so much that i try different styles. Oddly I’m always labeled a mod or a goth or a punk. I just loves clothes.

gothchick1's avatar

All styles are awesome

Earthgirl's avatar

But gothchick1 do you dress Goth? I love Goth style. And what do you consider to be Goth style now? Do you like Steampunk?

gothchick1's avatar

@Earthgirl i love black colors. I wear black all the time. I love the color black. I love rock and roll and metal. I can’t take happy peoplelike those people who smile all the time and are screaming at the top of their lungs. I can’t stand cheerleaders. They are so snoody and upbeat. I can’t take it.

Earthgirl's avatar

gothchick1 I love black too. Don’t let anyone ever tell you black is boring. It can express a lot. It’s all in the cut and style details.

gothchick1's avatar

@Earthgirl I know right. I hate people who say black is stupid. It’s like no it’s not.And you don’t let people ever say you are the same as anyone else because you know what everyone is different in their own way.

Earthgirl's avatar

gothcick1 Black is more subtle. It’s not in your face. It allows for more pure design. White is the same way. Ha, ha, white-the anti-goth look! Actually there are some white Gothic clothes that are pretty cool. Do you check out Japanese fashion, especially the musical groups? They have some really creative stuff. But it’s kind of costumey. Not for everyone. Not to say that I am averse to color. I love color too, but I am picky about the colors I wear.

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@Earthgirl Are you working? ;-)

Earthgirl's avatar

wundayatta Am I working as in, am I employed? Answer to that is yes. But I can’t fluther at work, so right now as I write this, no. Why do you ask?

wundayatta's avatar

No, you mistook my meaning. I meant were you using fluther to do research for work. I’m just teasing.

Earthgirl's avatar

Wundayatta ahaha! I get you….seems I am always working but I love it when I find a kindred spirit like gothchic1….loving the black

emeraldisles's avatar

classical and elegant meets edgy.

MooCows's avatar

I am 58 years young and this gal still wears black and white chucks
for shoes with jeans and t shirts. They will bury me in a pair i am

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