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What are some cool places to get reasonably priced furniture besides IKEA?

Asked by Spargett (5377points) April 13th, 2008

I’d like to explore some other options. Anything you could recommend would be awesome. Thanks.

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I think company is similar but perhaps a little nicer/well made.

I find my (modern) stuff at flea markets/antique sales for a reasonable price.

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A good site I’ve found online is I also like Craig’s List for used items if I’m shopping online.

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Garage sales! Of course, you have to check for faults and all…

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Defiantly take Merty’s advice and go for other people. You can get decently used objects (nearly anything anyone is willing to part with) for decent prices. Especially if it’s from friends. Best of luck on your hunting.

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@peedub I need a couch and I like the eq3 options far better than the IKEA options, and I’m a big IKEA fan. Thanks for that.

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I went online. There was a bedroom set that I had my heart set on but I couldn’t get the place I found it to come down on the price. I found a website called
I saved $1700— and that was with paying for shipping. The were awesome and the furniture arrived in fantasic condition and the delivery guys were really nice and even set it up for me. I highly recommend them. (No I don’t work for Furniture Geek. LOL!)

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Yard Sales – it’s spring too so there will be some coming up soon.

Pier 1 – everything goes on clearance and I happen to love their style. Most my my stuff is from there.

Target – their home stuff is actually pretty nice. Not too expensive, but not cheap crap like you would get from Wal-Mart. They have great ‘global home’ stuff too.

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