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Who could sign me up for school?

Asked by Marchofthefox (787points) January 28th, 2011

My mother is letting move away with my friend. I’m going to be seventeen early March. My Mom lives in Oregon and I will be in San Jose. She doesn’t want my Dad to sign me into school because he doesn’t have coustody. Could my Mother write a written note and my friend’s Mom and I could sign myself up for school or what should I do? I really don’t want to do this a court way because I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon..

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If no one is your legal guardian, you could be sent back to the parent that has legal custody of you. Have your mother sign a note saying she appoints the person you are living with as her agent/your guardian.

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Your mom should put it in writing that your friends mother can register you for school. Also make sure your friend has permission to seek medical treatment for you if you need it, since you are a minor. Have the letter notarized if you have time.

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@YARNLADY and @Blueroses Thank you for the advice! So this should work, correct?

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If there’s no time to have it notarized, it will need to be, so have your mom send one on ASAP. It can save trouble for you later. In some (most?) states, you need to have a legal guardian in order to sign you up for school. You may not be able to enroll unless your mother takes care of that.

In addition, you will need to take health insurance information with you, and have an advance agreement with your friend’s mother regarding medical costs.

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@snowberry I live in California.

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Could you mom contact the school directly to find out how to go about getting you registered? Once you arrive in San Jose, you might look into becoming an emancipated minor.

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@SuperMouse I might but its a long process. Thank you kindly for taking your time for out for answering my question!

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Have your mother write a letter giving your friend’s parent authority to register you for school, seek medical treatment, etc. She should have her signature notarized. Her bank will have a notary on staff and should do that for free. If you leave before she can go to the bank and do it tomorrow, have her mail it to your friend’s parent.

I used to get these from one of my daughter’s friends when her parent was away for a month on business overseas, and she stayed with us. I had to use it the time she was riding her bike and got hit by a car.

It’s a limited power of attorney.

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