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What board games allow couples to compete with each other on knowledge of their own partners?

Asked by girlofscience (7532points) January 28th, 2011

I’m in search of a board game that will allow four couples to compete against each other in knowledge of their own partners. I would like the board game to be structured as some type of question/answer game in which one partner has to answer a question about him/herself, and his/her partner acquires points by correctly guessing what his/her partner wrote. The game would be (theoretically) won by the couple (of these four couples) who knows the most about each other. Can you suggest a boardgame that would serve this purpose?

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Probably includes everything but Bob Eubanks.

Be sure that this doesn’t happen by making your questions as clearly worded as possible.

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I haven’t heard of anything like this but, you know, if you invent a board game, and it gets published, you can make quite a bit of money.

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I’ve played Taboo with other couples before, and it’s a lot of fun. It doesn’t necessarily require knowledge of one’s partner, but communication skills between partners is definitely important and helps to win the game. It’s similar to the idea of the old show $25,000 Pyramid, where you have to get your partner to guess the word/idea you’re trying to convey without saying specific words in your clues.

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Know Your Partner is specifically for couples and Battle of Sexes is test how much you really know about the opposite sex.

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I throw in another vote for Taboo. Vocabulary, word structure, knowledge of partner all are intense bonuses in this game.

There is a list of words that one partner can’t say as they try to get their other partner to guess the one word at the top of the list. All forms of the words listed as taboo on the card are taboo to use as well…as well as compound words with the main word that is being guessed at.

It is fun, not too long, and there are many opportunities to quickly move through cards because of experience as a couple, for example:

“oh, this is the thing you do every morning before you go to work….”

” [IRON] my clothes”

(the word to be guessed was IRON) so you move to the next card, trying to get through as many cards as possible.

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