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What people do when they have nothing to do?

Asked by MatChup (204points) January 28th, 2011

There are many times when you are in a rut when you are between jobs, been out of the job market for a while and nothing seems to be working out, you kinda lost sense of direction what to do, what area to invest your time in, what educational goals to take. Speculation may steer you in a certain direction, but who can you really trust as far as where to invest your life in?

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Well, obviously, when people have nothing to do they do… nothing. It’s kind of a tautology.

But seriously, you just have to keep on keeping on. You have to find work of some kind, whether it’s driving a bus (I know a store manager who did just that – laid off from a closing store, and started driving a school bus while polishing the resume and getting back into her groove) or working at Taco Bell. I know another store manager who did that. She hated it. She was in a ‘management training’ program at TB, based on her long and successful track record at another store, and she was doing the scut work that teenagers hate to do: cleaning bathrooms and taking out the trash, burning herself on the stoves… and sticking with it. Then her old store made a management shuffle and called her back to a better store than the one they had closed.

You have to do what works for you, but don’t stop trying something, whatever it is.

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I was planning to get a side job, but I was thinking it could affect my future employment to get back in my professional career. I just imagine finally finding a potential match to my skills and education, but how would I be able to fill in the gap in the resume without showing the menial job I just had -if I take a janitorial job for instance

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Play the Kazoo and Riverdance. If that is too hard just juggle while playing the harmonica. Lot’s ‘O Fun!

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When I’m bored and have nothing to do I waste some time on the Fluther web-site.

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This is why I am doing fluther now. It’s good to know what others do when they find themselves in this predicament

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I come to Fluther when I am bored. Or i play a driving game called Coaster-racer! It’s awesomeeee :D
Or listen to music and then watch Jersey Shore

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When I don’t have anything urgent to do, I do things that are important.

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Welcome to Fluther.

When I have nothing to do, I turn my attention to others. I volunteer. My favorite place is my local library.

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Welcome to fluther.

For me, it’s gotta be TV. I’d say fluther – but fluther is when I do have something to do – fluther.

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Bake, knit, ferment stuff. Dance around the house all day…give the pet more attention. Enjoy yourself. Be lazy, if you want.

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I go on Fluther.

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When I’m between jobs (which hasn’t been for a while) I indulge in artistic pursuits. Painting, drawing and photography. I also enjoyed doing what JK Rowling did – take a notebook into a cafe, and sit there drinking coffee, writing and people-watching. Damn shame that she came up with the good story though, and I didn’t.

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Do something that recharges your spirits, maybe something artistic, as @downtide says. Otherwise, maybe take a class that will help you when you do find another job in your chosen field. Volunteering is good, too, especially if it puts your professional skills to work. Good luck on your job hunt!

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Looking for a job is a full time endeavor; yeah! I fluther now as a way to relax, express my shortcomings and share the burden with all of you. I appreciate all or your inptut guys and gals and all in between. Keep those ideas rolling in and out!!

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