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What's your plan B?

Asked by MatChup (204points) January 28th, 2011

Assuming you see the writing on the wall, do you have plan B in place? If so how soon do you implement it before it hits you dead center? If you had plan B all along, were you burning the candle at both ends? What is a good plan B in this uncertain economy? What is a good link for plan B types? What works for you? What have you learn it doesn’t work? Someone may argue you don’t need to have plan B, please share your opinion. To Flutherville: I appreciate your input to shed some light on this matter.

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My plan B, git money, f*ck b*tches.


Basically I am going to live life as I can, and take whatever hits me in stride. I’m an easy going guy, I think I have lot’s of job options considering I am experienced with electronics. Anything that comes my way will be dealth with, and once it is past, is is past. I don’t hold on to anything much.

Oh yeah, Welcome To Fluther!

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To throw myself down the stairs? ha, get it??

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Plan B? A good plan B might be to start buying things that hold their value like land and or precious metals. Take a look at what is going on with the U.S. dollar. It is now worth less than the Canadian and Australian dollars. Now look at a one ounce gold bullion coin which is now worth over $13,000 USD. When I was a kid an once of gold was worth $32. The value of the USD is heading south while deficit spending increases. These are very scary and uncertain times.

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One thing is for sure, the good old days are gone forever. It could only get worse now or can we get back on our feet against other nascent economic powers coming up?

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Plan be is keep on twisting in a mysth till I reach surten point in my live

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My plan B is a bugout bag. People mock me and taunt me and call me a tinfoil hat-wearing paranoid freak, but it costs me little to keep one ready, and the cost of not having one may be my life, so I don’t mind a few gibes from people who may yet live—briefly—to regret it.

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Interesting question as I have never had the need for a plan B….but now that I do…no real biggie just do the same and play my harmonica while walking in the woods. Today will be a good day just for that reason alone!

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then get out my harmonica and join @Cruiser for a walk in the woods.

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(Now that @pathfinder is back (yay!), I am happy with plan A.)

Writing on the wall? Hitting me dead center? Burning the candle at both ends?

Plan A. Spend only for necessities.Never buy impulse items. Wear clothes until they turn into the perfect dust rag. Trade plants with neighbors. Dump dirty litter on the poison ivy.
Use our perfect public library. Give away possessions whenever possible. Do laundry with cold water. Wear mismatched gloves and socks. Enjoy at least one hearty laugh with my cat. Save a little each month.

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A Practical Plan B:

1. Downsize. Sell your McMansion and buy a house…in cash…no mortgage. Or rent.
2. Pay off all your debts.
3. Plant a garden.
4. Talk to a Mormon and have them teach you how to store and preserve food (they have the best plans for that). Because of severe climate changes, food will be much more expensive in the future.
5. Buy gold and silver as the dollar will tank soon after the Euro does.
6. Get to know your neighbors, form communities within your cities as not everyone can just jettison their lives to go hole up in the country somewhere.
7. Get non-GMO seeds because Monsanto is poisoning/co-opting our good seeds and store those seeds and/or use them to plant said garden (above).
8. Live simply. Stop buying designer clothes, designer shoes, designer junk. Learn how to shop in consignment shops or other places. Take a sewing lesson and get creative. Stop fuelling the consumption machine that enslaves children (in most cases). You buy the stuff to look “wealthy”. When you live in a one bedroom apartment and insist on wearing Jimmy Choos but you drive a 1973 Ford Pinto…well, you aren’t fooling anyone, okay? Ridiculous. You bought into the whole “Mad Men” ad hypnosis. Time to let that go.
9. Question authority. Question everything. Be incredibly discerning. And that means…turn off your TV. Listen to alternative media online or otherwise. The big guys are busy spewing propaganda. You need to get clear on what is real.
10. Get straight with your God or idea of God.
11. Get off the grid power-wise and petrol-wise. Investigate all the alternative energy sources that are available and have been suppressed. Use them.
12. Stop drugging/boozing yourself. You need to be operating on all cylinders.
13. Stop fighting…with your spouse, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your children, your family. It’s not worth it. You need your energy for more constructive things. Learn to forgive and forget.
14. Be as self-sustaining as possible.
15. Keep to your plan, even when people deride you. No need to make a spectacle, work quietly. There will be lemmings who laugh at you and you know what happened to the lemmings.
16. Make sure you have a water filter and a good source of water. Water will be the greatest commodity in the future (this should have been higher on the list…sorry about that.)
17. In the end, if nothing happens at all….you have learned to live more gracefully on the land, you’ve made good friends who support you, you have learned to live in a way that harms less people, you have learned to use your creative mind to sustain you. You have become more sovereign over your destiny.

Then, if all else fails….go to Plan C:

Understand that it is all a dream.

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As a full time street musician, I definitely needed to have a Plan B in place. That plan is to go to grad school for teaching, and get a teaching job (or just write my best-selling memoir sooner than planned).

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@wilma bundle up and pack your nap sack….time for that hike in the woods!! C’mon let’s go!

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Plan B is usually feel miserable for a while.

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I’ve got a bugout bag like @SmashTheState mentions, as does my partner, plus I’ve been rapidly decreasing my dependency on the industrial system in a variety of ways, primarily food, water, medicine, and defense. I just moved to a new place, so obviously I don’t have my old garden, but I’ve gotten the okay to plant one from the landlady. My parents are encouraging me to plant something on their land, too. Lots of heirloom Three Sisters gardens, as well as some other veggies and fruit. I’m already an avid wild food forager (everyone reading this should be aware that acorns are edible with proper treatment), and kind of a piss poor hunter, fisherman, and trapper who’s just good enough at this point to survive. We’ve also begun stocking up a year’s supply of food, buying bulk bags in addition to our usual groceries each week. I’ve got several “bug out locations” I could always fall back to, all of which have ample food and water supplies. I also have a small but respectable array of weapons for if the zombie hordes come trying to eat my brains.

Most importantly, I’ve started cultivating a community relationship with various people in my region who share the unique blend of practical survivalism and radical politics that I have. Having a group, a ‘tribe’ if you will, is one of the biggest assets people can hope for in all sorts of potential situations.

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@incendiary_dan, I find this:“Having a group, a ‘tribe’ if you will, is one of the biggest assets people can hope for in all sorts of potential situations” is what will make the difference to feel you belong to something that fills you up in whatever sense. We all are part of a tribe: whether we want or not. The real deal is to belong to one which you can have control of and reap the benefits common for the members and not for the corporations we tend to identify with.
It is good to hear some of you are replanting your gardens and utilizing all possible natural resources to be less dependent on the system as @DarlingRhadamanthus clearly is. I am beginning to think Fluther as that Tribe: where some of you may have a closer relationship with one another for you have found common ground among yourselves. I hope flutherville is what I think it could very well be, a fluthertribe!!

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I’m not sure I even have a plan A. Life is what happens while we are making plans.

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I should say that much of what I describe is my Plan A. I really just rather live in a way that is characterized by direct experience and lacking dependence on systems of support that I find at best objectionable (industrial capitalism).

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