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My chameleon circuit broke. Any advice?

Asked by XOIIO (18118points) January 29th, 2011

I was just visiting 1963 and now my chameleon circuit is broken. How would you fix it?

I would ask my dog but he’s visiting an old friend of mine, and Mr Smith is busy

Last of the 305! Medusa better not turn me into stone, the last thing I want to see is an angel weep.

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Can you not sort it out with your sonic screwdriver?

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I tried, but there was something with the Binary binary binary binary binary…

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lol! This is a joke I totally don’t understand at all, so I’m going to laugh as if I do just to not seem awkward! Hahaha!!

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There are 7 references to Doctor Who in this question. Anyone care to figure them out?

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I wouldn’t worry about it. Even with a damaged chameleon circuit you should be fine so long as your perception filter holds up.

Besides, you don’t need a functional chameleon circuit to close the Medusa Cascade.

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